The Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Room-by-Room Guide

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The Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Room-by-Room Guide

Spring Cleaning Tips for Every Room

From wiping down window treatments to dusting corners for cobwebs and disinfecting door knobs, find easy ways to do a clean sweep of the most beloved (and lived in) rooms of your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

Show off your pro cleaning skills by removing stubborn stains on the dishes, scrubbing the microwave, swapping in some fresh sink sponges, and unclogging your garbage disposal with simple DIY cleaning solution remedies. While we’ve got you here, don’t forget to freshen up the fragrance in your fridge by tossing in a baking sheet spread with a thin layer of baking trick—it’s the oldest trick in the book, and it works wonders.

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

There is cleaning and then there is spring cleaning. When it comes to keeping your powder room or master bath free of bad bacteria, save that cleansing for your weekly sanitation rituals. Dispensing old medicines, washing the shower curtain and arranging the contents of vanity drawers and under-the-sink space and more are where you’ll want to focus your energies.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Spaces

Whether it’s getting your home office into high gear by cleaning your keyboard or disinfecting the crevices behind your washer and dryer in the laundry room, small places need their annual wash too.


Find all of the burning questions around how to make a method out of spring cleaning, why spring cleaning is so important, and where the concept of spring cleaning might have originated from.

What is spring cleaning?

Spring is the season of rebirth. There’s no better way to get in sync with the new, fresh energy of the season than by giving your house a good tidying up, purging the old and making room for new. Especially in places with all four seasons, the art of deep cleaning and decluttering your home is the perfect way to rid your life of unnecessary chaos.

When does the spring cleaning season start?

Now, there’s no official date, but National Cleaning Week does technically kick off the last week of March. Promoting a healthier way of living within the walls by which you spend the most time, starts whenever you want or need it to start—there is no timeline.

How to "Do" Spring Cleaning

To leave your space sparkling free of stress, here are some other quick tips to make things a little more manageable:

  • Make a schedule. Scope out what needs to be done, identify areas where you typically skip weekly or monthly routine cleaning, and if possible make a list to divide and conquer the cleaning tasks.
  • DIY cleaning solutions really do go a long way in the kitchen. Stack your pantry with lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, potatoes & more.
  • Go green. Consider sustainable organization solutions and cleaning supplies to keep Mother Earth in mind.
  • If you can, open up the windows and put on your favorite playlist or podcast to stay energized and focused.

Where did spring cleaning come from?

Scientific cleaning enthusiasts and cleaning researchers trace the beginnings of spring clean to the Persian New Year, which starts the first day of spring. To this day, Iranians refer to this, and practice the art of what is called khaneh tekani , or “shaking the house” to start the New Year off on the right foot.


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