5 Tips for Your Most Organized Kitchen

If you’re anything like me, you spend a great deal of your time in the kitchen. The kitchen is not only where we cook; it is also a place where friends and family gather and where I spend my mornings working. Since I spend so much time there, I have done my best to develop a system to stay organized. You can even download my free printable checklist for easy kitchen organization!

Isn’t it funny how one second the kitchen (or house for that matter) can be tidy and spotless, and the next, turned upside down? Making sure that you can easily organize and pick-up after a messy breakfast or decadent dinner will help keep you feeling calm make everyday life a little bit easier.

Organizing your kitchen is streamlined by having a designated place for everything to live. Simplify this process with baskets, containers, and bins so that you can easily group similar things together, and keep your kitchen organized!

This is especially helpful if you have traditional cupboards where things seem to get lost in the back. Having a container or shallow basket is an easy way to store loose items like cans of tomato sauce or bags of nuts corralled.

Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks to keeping your kitchen organized:

Tip #1: Gather a variety of different sized bins and containers from around your house.

Some of my favorite containers to use are shallow wooden baskets, crocks, and large jars or crocks. These are great options to store everyday items like wooden spoons, kitchen towels, and plates!

Tip #2: Remove pantry goods from their packaging and place them in large jars or glass containers.

Large jars and glass containers make everything look more cohesive and is an inexpensive way to achieve an organized pantry. You can save money by buying in bulk and even reduce your footprint by bringing the containers to the grocery store and filling up on your ingredients there!

Tip #3: Have designated drawers or cupboards for similar items and go through them regularly to check expiration dates.

Often times things like coconut milk or other perishable pantry items can sit in our cupboards for years without us realizing it. Organizing in storage bins also helps you keep a better inventory of what you have on hand so that you don’t overbuy ingredients.

Tip #4: Containers and bins are great to help organize your countertop space as well.

I love to use shallow trays paired with crocks and vases to help everything look more put together on my countertops. Large vintage crocks are a fun way to store utensils that add a little character as well. If you have a kitchen island, this is a beautiful was to decorate the island with functional kitchen tools!

Tip #5: Keep all of your kitchen linens in a large basket underneath your kitchen island or wherever you have space.

It’s nice to have your linens within easy reach in a large basket when you’re setting up for a dinner party, and it can add a welcoming feel to a kitchen.

I hope these tips inspire you with easy ways you can spruce up your kitchen! Visit my blog for more home organization tips, and let me know – what are some of your favorite kitchen organization solutions?