How happiness links to your overall health and well-being, the Danish concept of hygge, and recipes & tips from renowned chefs, entertainers and wellness experts.

The Inspired Home Journal

Poets, philosophers and sociologists have mused about the meaning and significance of the word "home" for centuries. For us, a home is so many things. It’s a cozy sanctuary from the frantic pace of today’s world and a place to feel safe. It’s at once respite and renewal – where we reconnect with ourselves, our family and our community. It’s where we give oxygen to new ideas, maintain traditions and create loving memories. 

Above you’ll find the most current issue of The Inspired Home Journal – created as part of the International Housewares Association’s mission to educate and inspire people to live their best lives through a celebration of all of the wonderful things that happen in our homes. Our goal throughout this and future issues is to highlight people, products, places and ideas that help you make the most of your life at home. 


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