Elizabeth Van Lierde

The College Housewife

I’m Elizabeth, a 24-year-old lover of all things creative, stylized and wholesome as well as an event planner, food lover and hostess to the people close to my heart.

A recent graduate with a degree in Communication Studies and a concentration in hospitality, I created this blog three years ago during my junior year of college in Colorado. While being a student was fulfilling, blogging gave me the purpose I always longed for.

The College Housewife started out as an Instagram handle pun and and rapidly grew into the art of all things domestic. A few years later I couldn’t be more interested in the world of entertaining, cooking and making a house a home with a modern and fresh take.

On any given night you can catch me in our mid century-meets farmhouse- meets modern Orange County apartment, sharing a bottle of red wine, playing with our golden retriever Rascal, and enveloping myself with the new world of food and entertaining.




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