Get Cinco de Mayo Ready with These Ideas

International Food Recipes

Travel the world without ever leaving your home

Food is the gateway to your soul - or at least that’s what we believe. Food has the ability to lift our spirits, and change the way we look at life, love, travel, and entertainment. You don’t have to travel very far to experience some of the most exquisite meals you’ve ever tasted. With a little work and a little love, you can create international cuisines right in your own kitchen. Whether it be a cozy and delicious bowl of Thai chicken & coconut soup, or Asian dumplings with bok choy and chicken, there’s really no limit to which country you bring into your home.

Discover new recipes from around the world

If you’ve ever wanted to try to make sushi from home, or create fresh tostadas right from your kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a comprehensive collection of international recipes you are sure to love. Some are more advanced than others, but we want you to feel empowered to try and create anything and everything. We’ve included some staples from Italy, France, Korea, Spain, and so many more wonderful places. From dinner all the way to dessert, we’ve got your food agenda covered.

Branch out of your comfort zone

Cooking these international classics doesn’t have to be super difficult or scary. This pad Thai recipe is super easy to create, and is delicious to boot! Try out these Mexican-style empanadas from Mexico or these French Madeleines with a sweet honey glaze. Looking for some entrees or appetizers you can whip up for Cinco de Mayo or the Chinese New Year - we’ve got you covered there too!

Indian Lentils with Mango Salsa

Indian Lentils with Mango Salsa

The sweet mangos balance out the spice in the lentils. It’s perfection.

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