Jeffrey Phillip

Professional organizer and interior designer Jeffrey Phillip has had a knack for helping the organizationally and design challenged for as long as he can remember. Always the go-to guy (and kid) whenever someone needed an orderly solution or style advice, it wasn’t until after college while working in the fashion and event industries that Jeffrey discovered his “knack” was in fact a deep and inspiring passion to genuinely help others learn how to live more efficiently.

Today, after over seven years in business and backed with a lifetime of expertise, Jeffrey is a leading expert in blending style and efficiency for those seeking both efficient and fashionable solutions for their everyday life. Whether it’s unpacking and setting up a new home, re-organizing a kitchen or closet, custom designing storage spaces and solutions, decorating a living room, discussing daily routines and habits, reviewing millwork and architectural plans or, of course, de-cluttering, Jeffrey works with his clients in an endless variety of highly customized ways to help them transform their homes into thoughtfully organized, efficient, stylish and welcoming spaces.

His creative eye and organizational talents have become publicly recognized and sought after by many who wish to learn from his passion. Jeffrey has been featured as a regular guest on the Katie Couric Show as Katie’s “de-clutter, organization, and design guru,” and as an expert voice and collaborator for Good Morning America, O Magazine, Real Simple, InStyle, NBC, The New York Times, Food & Wine,, Refinery29, Brit+Co., LifeHacker, and Better TV, among others.