Get Organized: Organizing Your Kitchen Prep Drawer

A chaotic and cluttered kitchen drawer is like having a bad sous chef who makes your culinary experience a disaster. It can add unnecessary frustration, cause your chicken to burn while you frantically search for your favorite tongs, or even cause you to slice your finger on a vegetable peeler while you rummage for your zester – ouch! More importantly, this visual cacophony of chaos most often leads to wasted money, since duplicate items end up being purchased when something can’t be found.

I work in a lot of kitchens and understand that these drawers can be a nightmare to organize, they look terrible and they rob you of time saving efficiency. There are so many different types of tools and gadgets in an array of sizes that it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make sense of it all. It often ends up being easier to just throw everything in the drawer and forget about it until it’s time to whip up another meal (and repeat the cycle of burning food and sliced fingertips).

However, fear not, it doesn’t have to be this way. By doing a little sorting and editing, taking some precautionary measures to prevent things from sliding around and adding some helpful tools to keep everything in its place, you will finally be able to have that super efficient kitchen drawer.

Oh, and one final note, the labels may seem like a daunting last step, but they are the big secret to making sure everyone in your home knows where things live and should return to after their trip through the dishwasher. Think of labeling as preventative maintenance for anywhere you choose to use it in your home.

Watch my video below to see how easy a drawer makeover can be, and to learn some of my simple tips and tricks to efficiently set things up so it will be easy to keep that drawer organized and make cooking swift and fun.

BEFORE: The hodgepodge that is out to slice your fingers and burn your chicken

AFTER: Divided and conquered, everything is now in its place and easy to find!