This Elegant Halloween Table Will Make You Want to Host a Spooky Dinner Party

Decorating for Halloween can easily be elegant and thoughtful with sweet details and the right color palette!

We put together this easy tablescape to inspire you this Halloween. Now we want to plan a party to put this table to good use!

When decorating for Halloween, the key to staying elegant rather than slipping into childlike is pulling inspiration from a minimal color palette and skipping things that were intentionally made for Halloween. Instead, search for things you already have — like black ribbon and nearly bare branches!

We love how easy it is to create a huge impact on the table with branches snipped from a tree. It’s my go-to move for dressing a table and the almost naked branches gave us the moody look we were going for! This is a great idea to keep things inexpensive when decorating — you don’t have to have a beautiful floral arrangement for a show-stopping centerpiece!

For the tablescape, layering black plates over a wrinkled white tablecloth gives enough texture to make up for the lack of color on the table. Wrapping vintage silverware with strands of silk ribbon is a simple touch that makes everything a bit more beautiful! If you don’t have black plates, you could use a black sheet as a tablecloth with white dishes on top to achieve the same look, although I have to say, I adore these beautiful black dishes!

The glassware we used on the table couldn’t have been more perfect for Halloween! The spider-web-like etching on the glass has us dreaming of sipping a spooky cocktail. Use fun, detailed glassware to dress up the table, but invest in some that will work for you for more than just Halloween.

To add a little height variation across the table we added black candlesticks. The black candles paired with the black plates make for the perfect spooky, yet sophisticated look. I love adding candlesticks to any tablescape to add a little texture and warmth to a table, especially in the chilly fall weather.

We hope you are inspired to throw a Halloween party this year, for more entertaining ideas, you can visit me at!