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Professional Organizer Jeffrey Phillip Teaches You How to Pack Your Bags

Professional organizer Jeffrey Phillip says two smartly packed bags are the key to hopping from office to gym without breaking your stride.

As a professional organizer, I don't only organize homes and spaces. People are always asking me for advice on how to organize all aspects of their lives. A huge one? How to keep their bags strategically packed. Here is a handy guide on how to pack those pesky work and gym bags efficiently.

Work Bag

1. Separate and organize. 

Store small items like makeup and electronics in color-coded reusable plastic bags. They're sturdy, waterproof and quick to identify.

2. Seal and insulate.

Insulated, airtight beverage containers are miracle workers at keeping drinks hot or cold - and more importantly unspilled in your bag.

3. Carry a spare.

Keep a small but strong shopping bag on hand for last minute stops to the market.

4. Color coordinate. 

Add a pop to your bag by color coordinating your notepads, folders, pens and other supplies. This small detail alone will keep your bag looking tidy and help you keep track of its contents, whether desk-side at the office or seat-side in the back of a cab. 

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Gym Bag

1. Keep hydration handy.

Reusable, lightweight water bottles with a spout or straw keep the planet green and enforce a healthy hydration habit.

2. Pack a snack.

Store homemade trail mix or almonds in sealable, reusable snack bags to power up pre-workout.

3. Store shower stuff separately.

Stash toiletries in their own leakproof, color-coded bags. This will save time pre-shower and avoid unwanted mess.

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