24 Tasty Turkey Recipes to Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

There is always plenty of turkey around the house during the holidays and rather than let any of it go to waste, you have got to try these amazing ideas! The best possible use for your Thanksgiving leftovers!

Here are some inspiringly tasty ways to use that leftover turkey:

1. Leftover Turkey Brie Cranberry Panini

These leftover sandwiches have it all when it comes to comfort food!

2. Leftover Turkey Mushroom Pancetta Risotto

This risotto is a wonderful comfort food!

3. Leftover Turkey Lettuce Boats

Lunch or dinner, these tasty leftover turkey lettuce boats are here to wake your taste buds up tonight!

4. Creamy Turkey and Dumplings

These dumplings are the perfect winter supper. We tested and tested to find the best dumplings ever.

5. Leftover Turkey Dinner Hash

The morning after Thanksgiving is going to be just as the night before with this amazing hash.

6. Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Pot Pies

Small but tasty, these leftover pot pies are going to steal the show.

7. Leftover Cranberry and Turkey Quesadillas with Asiago & White Cheddar Cheese

These quesadillas are the gourmet snack you didn’t know your life had been missing this far!

8. Turkey Chinese Noodle Soup

Classic and delicious, this Chinese Noodle Soup is sure to be a fast favorite around your house tonight!

9. Thanksgiving On A Roll

Thanksgiving On A Roll is everything great about Thanksgiving shoved into one amazing roll! These are sure to make dinner amazing for the whole week after!

10. Leftover Turkey Korma Curry

This curry recipe is almost better than the original turkey dinner! You are sure to love these!

11. Leftover Turkey and Rice Soup

Curl up with this tasty Turkey and Wild Rice Soup tonight. This is the perfect fall recipe!

12. Leftover Turkey Mushroom & Pancetta Risotto

Take your leftovers to the next level tonight with this risotto!

13. Spiced Leftover Turkey Cranberry Pastries

These tasty little handheld savory pastries are the best thing about dinner in a little package.

14. Leftover Turkey Skillet Pot Pie

Put your leftovers to good use tonight! This leftover skillet dinner is sure to turn some heads on its way to the table!

15. Holiday Leftover Breakfast Puff Pastry Tart

Last night’s dinner is this morning’s amazing breakfast! This Holiday Leftover Breakfast Puff Pastry Tart is crazy good.

16. Thanksgiving Leftovers Chef Salad

This salad is going to steal the show at the table this afternoon! Lunch is going to be the tastiest part of your day today!

17. Garlic Turkey Enchiladas

These enchiladas are here to take dinner up a notch!

18. Thanksgiving Leftovers Stromboli

You are going to wish you had more leftovers once you try these Thanksgiving leftovers stromboli!

19. Turkey Pot Pies with Bacon, Caramelized Onions & Butternut Squash

Chicken pot pies are so last year! These pot pies are going to kick you taste buds into gear!

20. Thanksgiving Leftovers Reinvented

This recipe is like Thanksgiving dinner all over again!

21. Turkey Cheddar Cran Apple Sliders

Snack like you meant it with these amazing Turkey Cheddar Cran Apple Sliders! These are crazy good.

22. Leftover Turkey Potato Hash

Make breakfast the day after Thanksgiving better than the actual dinner with this Leftover Turkey Potato Hash!

23. Turkey Salad with Grapes, Pecans & Cranberries in a Jar

This salad in a jar is leftovers reinvented as a super easy make-ahead lunch idea!

24. Turkey Dressing Casserole

This turkey casserole is the savory dinner idea your leftovers have been waiting for! As easy as throwing all the ingredients together and bake!