How to Create Your Own Fitness Journey

Building your own fitness journey can sound and feel like a heavy task to add to your ever-growing plate of “to-do”. In my own personal fitness journey, I struggled with finding a system that worked for me. One that allowed me to be proactive with my workouts, versus reactive. If things weren’t adding up, that meant that I was doing the math all wrong. Anything fitness-related always seemed so daunting, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

I tried to look at it from a different vantage point. I set two goals — one long term and one short term. The short term goals allowed me to cherish mini-wins and keep me motivated towards my long term goal.

Today I’m going to share a few easy ways to help you create your own fitness journey with three approachable steps.


There is nothing better than a killer planner to help kick start your goals. I think it’s safe to say that for everyone, we all like to visualize a plan so that we can fully understand it’s scope, digest it and map out our next steps. Alleviate your weekly stress of finding time to squeeze in a workout, by dedicating 30 minutes each week to creating your weekly plan, and only your weekly plan. A seven-day plan allows you to build something more achievable and attainable — it affords you the opportunity to have those mini wins in the short term towards the long term.

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Pick one day (I use Sundays) and try mapping out your entire week from your work schedule, appointments, social gatherings, travel, etc. Once you have your large commitment items added to your week, you can start to see your availabilities throughout the week to start scheduling your workouts.

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This is the first step in creating a proactive program for yourself. Start by setting your weekly goals (e.g. based on my schedule this week, my goal is three workouts). Once you have determined your weekly goal, add meeting invites to your calendar, or if you are a paper calendar person, add them in ink!


Now that you have your weekly goals set, think through how you are going to execute that goal. What can you do to hold yourself accountable for the goal you set? If your goal was three workouts and you prefer to workout at home, map out what those three workouts will look like! If you are someone who finds motivation from an instructor, sign up for three classes and get them booked as soon as they are live!

There are also so many streaming apps that are available to help you so that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home from Sweat, Obe Fitness and The Sculpt Society.

With minimal gym equipment like a mat, balancing ball and jump rope, you can execute your weekly workouts through your phone or computer! What I love most about a few of those streaming services, is that they are mainly 30 min MAX workouts, making them easier to apply to your weekly schedule.


Personally, I find this next step to be the hardest of the three. Finding time to plan my workouts and act on them is one thing, taking more time from my week to recover, is another. BUT you don’t realize how important it is to you and your journey until you do it! Recovery is as simple as taking a bath in the evening with an herbal soak or adding pain-relieving lotion to areas of pain post-workout.

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Recently I discovered a tool to help me in my recovery process that also allows me to multi-task. The Myobuddy Massager Pro is the perfect tool to use to alleviate stress from your body while you are watching a show! The Myobuddy provides instant relief to the areas that need it so that you can continue to build and grow because you can’t have power without recovery. It’s a mini win for me and my weekly goals to add this to my overall regiment.