Doughnuts Made Simple

I’ve had to reinvent my cooking style several times throughout my life.

In fact, I originally wanted to be a pastry chef before realizing I had zero patience for it, nor did I want the 3 a.m. wake up call every day. Moving from restaurant to restaurant, I learned so much and was constantly enhancing my knowledge of the food and the culinary world, which forced me to adapt to trends and seasonality to make sure I was always on my game. When I eventually left the restaurant business, I knew I had to switch up my style again for the everyday palette; after all, you can’t eat fancy every day of your life! I eventually landed on the hook, “Simple Creations, Chef Inspired,” which allows me to make crowd-pleasing food that even the home cook can prepare.

When my wife and I had our daughter, I realized even more that I really had to take off the chef’s toque. Time is certainly of the essence, and often, food becomes survival mode because of exhaustion and sleep deprivation. However, just because I’m tired doesn’t mean I’m willing to sacrifice flavor. In fact, I always want to give my family awesome food!

So, when I made these Stonewall doughnuts, I was absolutely blown away and very pleasantly surprised by just how good they were! After one bite, I couldn’t wait to share ’em with my family and a few neighbors! Crazy easy to make, very little cleanup, fast, and did I mention delicious?! My wife immediately mauled one when she came in the kitchen while I was preparing them and tried to go after a second one before I stopped her. Luckily, my daughter was taking a nap while these were being created or it would have turned ugly.

If you’ve ever made doughnuts before, you know how tedious they can be. From waiting for dough to rise, to rolling out and cutting, to the frying with oil everywhere, it’s an absolute disaster. Believe me when I say: cut the old habits, save some time and effort, and give these a shot. After you make the batter, it spoons perfectly into the Wilton doughnut pans and literally bakes in under 15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love fried anything, but when the family is involved, I definitely try to watch the bad stuff. If I get the chance to bake over frying, I usually give it a shot.

I can tell you one thing: I’m a fan! I loved how easy the process was to make awesome doughnuts. Give it a try, and I think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised!