Clean Your Screens: Two Down & Dirty Products Perfect for Cleaning Your Tech

Chances are, you put your phone to your ear dozens of times each day, and tap on its screen dozens of times more. You’re touching your laptop, then other things, then your laptop again, then your face. You see where I’m going here: Your tech is full of nasty germs. Like, toilet-seat-quality germs. And you’re probably transferring them from your devices to your body and back again. Gross.

It’s time to clean your digital companions. Starting with a method hospitals use to sterilize things, so you know it’s good: UV light.

The outcome of a successful Indigogo campaign, Ellie is a new portable UV sterilizer that uses TRUVIOLET technology to obliterate 99.9 percent of harmful microbes, including superbugs, in one minute (seriously). While it’s marketed as a tool for parents to easily sterilize kids’ toys and water for formula on the go, it’s also (happily) a super effective way to keep tech devices germ-free. I cram anything in there that fits: TV remotes, game controllers, my smartphone, headphones (those are full of ear gunk, too).

It doesn’t harm your devices, fits into a go-everywhere tote bag, and it’s

environmentally friendly. Plus, it has a one-week battery life and is rechargeable with a USB cable—so it’s ready when you are. It retails for around $100, but considering how often you technically should clean your tech products, it’s a bargain (and you can use it for more than disinfecting your smartphone).

Another way to de-germ and get your devices looking shiny: Weiman’s e-tronic Wipes get rid of dust, fingerprints, and everyday grime that clouds screens and gunks up keyboards. They’re streak, ammonia, and lint-free, plus they’re anti-static, which means they safe to use on your electronic equipment.

Used with Ellie, it’s a one-two punch for any germs lingering on your devices—and a win for you and your family.