Beef & Shrimp Kebabs

I’ve been on a serious Kebab kick lately, exploring all types of ingredients and things to put on a skewer. It’s actually been a bit nostalgic because it reminds me so much of growing up and my parents always skewering something and grilling, whether it be at our house or my grandma’s house by the pool in the backyard. Making kebabs is so versatile because of the assortment of ingredients you can put on them. You can put on bacon wrapped scallops, or peaches, or asparagus, or whatever you’re are in the mood for, the recipe options are endless!

My old chef used to tell me if we were having trouble selling something in a restaurant, that we should just put it on a stick and it will sell like crazy. Funny, because it’s true :). I got a chance to check out these new skewers which are shaped like large sharp combs but it makes it easier to flip instead of sometimes the food rolling around and not staying put like with a traditional skewer, I was diggin’ it! If you love a sweet and savory marinade then for sure try the one I whipped up or else there are tons of great marinades and rubs you could do for skewers. Happy Barbecuing!