4 Tips for a Clutter-Free Family Room

Are you looking for some tips on how to keep you family room for looking like a bunch of kids live in it? When in reality a bunch of kids do live in it? I have a few tips on how we keep our family room looking somewhat decent while living with three pretty active kids! Life doesn’t look like a magazine shoot. Although if you put everything away and cleaned for 2 hours it totally can! (That’s when you take a picture, like I did!)

But seriously, what do you do to keep the clutter at bay? Well, first embrace the fact that your home may never look perfect but there are ways from making it look like someone just robbed the place. See some of my simple tips to help your family room stay clutter free!

Tip #1: Have a Place for Everything

Yep, my mom use to say it all the time. There’s a place for everything and everything in its place. Now I seem to be repeating the same old proverb to my kids. Even if that place is in a donation box, a basket, upstairs, downstairs, in a bedroom, trash or in a garage. Everything in your house needs a place. Things in the family room are not different. For a long time our remotes didn’t have a proper home but now we they do with this chic solution from Yamazaki. One of my husbands pet peeves in not knowing where the remote is. Well now we all know! We also keep our cozy blankets on hooks for easy access and all of their toys stay upstairs, for the most part!

Tip #2: Store Like Items Together

When it comes to our board games, it’s nice to have them in the family room. Anytime we decided to get them out on family game night we know exactly where they are. Now if you have a collection like us, storage can get a little tricky. I started to use a pot and pan organizer to separate our board games. This way as our collection starts to stack up high, this horizontal way of storing them will give them easier access.

Tip #3: Hide Storage in Décor

Every family room big or small has the potential for hidden storage! If you take a look at my bookcase you can see a few places where I can actually store things. Like this small basket from Design Ideas is a great place to store things like coasters that are not in use. When company comes over, you can easily get them out. I also love to use ottomans for hidden storage. You can store blankets, pillow and even toys in plain sight!

Tip #4: Baskets Are Your Best Friend

There isn’t a family room I’ve met that doesn’t love a good basket. Baskets are you best friend when it comes to clearing the clutter from any room! They are versatile and functional and if you get a good one, pretty all at the same time! The baskets in our family room holds random things like cords to our electronics and papers that need to be sorted.

If all else fails and you have a good collection of baskets, you can always throw your clutter in them and start again tomorrow!