What a Nutritionist Actually Eats in a Day

Ever wondered what a celebrity nutritionist actually eats in a day? You’re in lucky! Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque from Be Well By Kelly shares what she eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!


I start each day with a Be Well Smoothie, which consists of varying ingredients like greens, berries, chia seeds and almond milk, but always a healthy dose of protein, fat and fiber. The components work together to turn off your hunger hormones, elongate the blood sugar curve and keep you full and satisfied. Nowadays, I am leaning on my Spa Smoothie or another green favorite.


Lunch normally consists of a wild piece of salmon or bison, usually over a salad or wrapped into a lettuce cup. I love to mix up salmon salad with primal mayo with cucumbers to dip. If out and about, I tend to snag chicken and vegetables or a salad from places like Whole Foods, Erewhon, Sweetgreen or Urth Caffé (their chicken pesto salad is my favorite!).

No matter where I eat, my goal is always to nourish my body with nutrients and calm my hunger with protein and healthy fat. Pro tip: If I order a salad and it’s only an appetizer portion, I will order a side of avocado, ask for olive oilor double up on the protein. It’s all about front-loading your calories throughout the day instead of counting them: this way, you naturally eat less later.


I limit snacking because research suggests it actually increases hunger, spikes insulin and interrupts the digestive process. However, if I need a pick-me-up, I go for nuts, hard-boiled eggs, a slaw or another fat-and-vegetable combo, or almond or coconut butter primal bars.


Dinner is normally homemade, semi-homemade meal or a crockpot favorite. I love to cook but I don’t want to spend 4 hours in the kitchen unless it’s a fun weekend and I am trying to create something new. I would much rather be getting to my favorite yoga or spin class instead of spending hours on my feet in the kitchen. I love a whole rotisserie chicken, turkey flax meatballs and zoodles or a warm winter chili with a fresh vegetable salad.