The Power of Adding Greenery to Your Home
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The Power of Adding Greenery to Your Home

Every year when Pantone announces it’s color for the year it’s a fun pace-setter for design trends and themes that feel almost like a horoscope for the months ahead. Radiant Orchid, Rose Quartz, Tangerine Tango, Emerald… there’s a whole story revealed in every color.  

This year, though, Pantone chose a powerful color with a universal theme that’s here to stay as a staple for far more than 2017 — Greenery.

Greenery is inspired by and collected from nature. Greenery encompasses plants, gardens, green-living, eating greens…. and it encapsulates the abundant, creative and healing powers of the color and it’s natural sources. Greenery is lush and abundant, life-giving and enriching.  

Here are some big reasons to mix more greenery into your home and your lifestyle. 

Greenery is a color resonant with open-heartedness.

Green is associated with the energy of the heart in some healing philosophies and color therapy.  Mixing more greenery into your home by putting plants in handmade baskets made with love from Blessing Basket (you can read their incredible story HERE) is a way to bring more life-changing compassion and gratitude to your home.

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Greenery is also super-creative.

In feng shui, greenery represents wood element energy that promotes stretching, creativity and lots of prosperous, positive action. This is the inspiring energy that turns ideas into action!  Bright green tea in the morning – or some extra-powerful matcha – can be a wonderful wellness switch from morning coffee.  Serve it up in a gorgeous green tea set for extra-dynamic elemental power!

Green views are healing.

Scientific studies have shown that simply having a view of greenery from a hospital bed can speed healing.  Having greenery in your home in lush ways can mimic this green greatness daily!

Greenery clears the air.

NASA’s famous list of 100 common houseplants that clear the air of toxins is forever relevant. Adding plants to office spaces and around your electronics also minimizes the effects of radiating EMF waves in the air.  

Green eating is full of detoxifying energy.

Greens are nutrient-packed and deeply detoxifying, naturally.  Adding handfuls of organic greens to your smoothies (this Tribest Dynapro blender preserves even more nutrients and fresh green color, eating a salad every day… these small shifts add more abundant wellness to your life! I love to keep fresh herbs in a vase of water to extend their life in the kitchen, and an Herb Savor can keep them fresh for up to three weeks!

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Pro tip: Grow your greens!!! You can easily grow nutrient-packed sprouts and microgreens  at home hydroponically with a sprouter and a wave of advanced hydroponic indoor gardens like SproutsiO make indoor gardening fool-proof for everyone!

Greenery is revitalizing.

Simply spending time in Nature- or in your outdoor or indoor garden- can lower stress hormones significantly in your body. Gardening can improve your microbiome, boosting your immune system and lowering body inflammation.

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So… greenery is, in just about every way, absolutely amazing!

To help your greenery to grow, pop on a humidifier when it’s dry outside, spritz leaves regularly with water (*anything but succulents) and water them on a schedule based on their needs.  Talking to your plants and keeping the energy high in your home will also make a huge difference in their well being! 

Connect to Nature and it will fill your life with vibrant wellness and wealth. Enjoy this Greenery theme this year and carry it through every year ahead to thrive more and more!

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