You’re Going to Love This Gorgeous DIY Vanity How-To

Primping ain’t easy ladies. We fluff, brush, pick, slick, comb, and apply it all for the pretty and do it again the next day like a boss.

Whether you have a 5-minute makeup routine like myself or a 30-minute beauty routine, a vanity area is the ultimate girl space. I loved my small vanity area in my last house, so when I move into this home, I was craving a place to sit to do all my girly things like examine my eyebrows and conclude that the Mr. Grinch look I had going on was not cute.

So I decided to set up a vanity space in my bedroom to give all my pretty things to a home. If you don’t have a vanity like myself, setting one up does NOT need to be complicated. But I’m not gonna lie, it needs to be pretty, but pretty to YOU! This way you’ll love spending time there.

Good Base

You can use a desk or a table like this for your homemade vanity base. Place it next to some natural light to get the va-va-voom when your hair and makeup is done.


You can go big or you can go small but you do need a mirror on your vanity table. I decided to skip the 8x magnifying mirror because I just don’t need to get that personal with my face.


Storage is obviously a big one for a vanity area. Think about where you might want to keep your brushes, perfume and even your jewelry. Stylish jewelry boxes like this one from WOLF can sit out and be all fancy on your vanity. The Blossom Collection has some gorgeous details in red, white and blue.

It also has plenty of luxe fabric lined compartments for all of your beauties. The last thing I do before I leave the house is put my jewelry on, so having it out for easy access is perfect. Plus, gold and sterling silver jewelry should be stored properly to avoid having contact with perfume, metals or any other materials you might have on your vanity.


Florals are the perfect touch to a vanity. I like to use faux flowers when fresh flowers aren’t available. You can also have some greenery or a plant that you’ve been loving on lately to keep you company. Plus, if it’s next to a window, it will be getting a lot of natural light anyway!


A comfy seat is also important in your vanity area. This ghost chair is draped with a small shag rug for some extra cushion while I’m sitting!

Ready to set up your DIY Vanity at home? Great! What are you going to start with?