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25 Sous Vide Recipes for Easy Cooking

Sous vide is the cooking style you need to get acquainted with if you don’t like standing over a pan all evening watching your dinner cook!

Try these tried and true sous vide techniques to cook your favorite foods to perfection. Using a special sous vide tool allows you to create the perfect cooking environment by heating the water around the food. This gentle method allows you to achieve perfect consistency every time because it is impossible to overcook the food. So easy and there are so many amazing recipes choose from!

1. Sous Vide Steaks Recipe

Sous Vide Steak Video Still
via Chef Billy Parisi // The Inspired Home

This tender and juicy steak recipe is just so easy!

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2. Sous Vide Best Chicken

2014 04 04 Sous Vide Chicken Nomiku Finished Chicken3
via Nosh On

The best sous vide chicken? We will let you be the judge!

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3. Lemon Thyme Chicken Sous Vide Recipe

Simple Sous Vide Lemon Thyme Chicken Breast Recipe 4 Color Your Recipes
via Color Your Recipes

Citrusy and savory, this tender chicken recipe is going to make your night.

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4. Sous Vide Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

Anovafoodnerd Blog Castironcookie 4
via Anova Culinary

Sous vide chicken dinner tonight is just the thing the doctor ordered!

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5. Sous Vide Brisket

Sous Vide Brisket
via A Canadian Foodie

You've never had a brisket this easy before!

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6. Sous Vide Brown Butter Scallops

Sous Vide Scallops 1 A
via Ingredients of a Fit Chick

These tender scallops are surprisingly sweet. Try these tonight!

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7. Sous Vide Chicken Wings 4 Ways

via Foodoo Kitchen

Are you ready for a snack that packs tons of flavors? This is just what you need!

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8. Lobster Pasta

Sous Vide Lobster Pasta
via Gourmet Deconstructed

Tasty seafood pasta with big chunks of tender lobster; what's not to love?

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9. Perfect Sous Vide Salmon

Sous Vide Salmon 2
via The Sous Vide Kitchen

Take a few gorgeous slices of salmon and turn it into an elegant perfectly cooked dinner tonight!

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10. Sous Vide Garlic Herb Butter Steaks

Sous Vide Steak With Garlic Herb Butter 5
Sous Vide Steak With Garlic Herb Butter 7
via Number 2 Pencil

Are you ready for a tender steak at the dinner table tonight? This recipe is just what you needed!

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11. Sous Vide Carrots

Sous Vide Carrots
via Great British Chefs

A side dish you are sure going to love at the dinner table tonight!

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12. Sous Vide Lamb Chops with Basil Chimichurri

Sous Vide Lamb Chops With Chimichurri
Sous Vide Lamb Chips With Chimichurri 2
via The Ravenous Couple

This savory lamb recipe with the amazing basil chimichurri sauce sounds like a fantastic dinner for tonight!

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13. Sous Vide Eggs Benedict Pizza Recipe

via Baking Steel

While you don't actually sous vide the pizza... topping the crispy crust with your delicious sous vide eggs is the secret to getting perfectly runny eggs.

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14. Sous Vide Corned Beef and Cabbage

Sous Vide Corned Beef And Cabbage
via Sous Vide Supreme

It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to enjoy this tasty recipe for dinner tonight and it is so easy too!

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15. Sous Vide Baby Back Ribs

Sous Vide Baby Back Ribs Feature
via Pear Tree Kitchen

Don't want to fire up the grill but still needing to get your BBQ meats fix? This is just what you need!

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16. Sous Vide Artichokes

via Sousvidely

Artichokes are the best! I can't wait to make some of these beauties.

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17. Sous Vide Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Rosemary

2014 10 26 Mashed Potatoes 20 1920X1280
via Lick My Spoon

Make your side dishes using sous vide tonight. This mashed potatoes recipe just might be your new favorite!

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18. Garlicky Grilled Brussels Sprouts Sous Vide

Sous Vide Garlicky Grilled Brussels Sprouts
via Shrinking Kitchen

This is a super tasty way to make some vegetables for dinner tonight that we are sure everyone is going to love!

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19. Sous Vide Pork Chops Recipe

20160208 Sous Vide Pork Chop Guide Food Lab 37 Thumb 1500Xauto 430022
via Serious Eats

Who knew you could make a delicious pork chops recipes even easier? You are sure going to love this!

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20. Sous Vide Best Corn

20150815 Sous Vide Corn Kenji 9
via Serious Eats

This is an even easier way to make everyone's favorite side dish for dinner tonight!

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21. Sous Vide Tomato Sauce

Sous Vide Tomato Sauce 865X582
via Andrew Zimmern

The perfect thing to get your pasta started with tonight!

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22. Beef on Weck Sous Vide

Finished Beef On Weck 2
via Vacmaster Fresh

This easy-to-make sandwich is super tasty!

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23. Sous Vide Carnitas for Tacos

20160101 Carnitas Cochinita Pibil Sous Vide Recipe41 Thumb 1500Xauto 435848
via Serious Eats

You won't be able to believe how easy this tasty carnitas recipe is!

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24. Sous Vide Bacon

20161102 Sous Vide Bacon 12 Thumb 1500Xauto 434886
via Serious Eats

Overnight bacon is the very best thing anyone has said to me all day!

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25. Sous Vide Cheesecake in a Mason Jar

Cheesecakemasonjar1200 875X1024
via Fumbling Foodie

Dessert tonight can be even easier than you thought! And so tasty!

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