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These Piña Coladas Are Going to Be Your Drink of the Summer

It’s summer people. That means you need all the easy pitcher drinks you can come up with for impromptu (socially-distant) happy hours. I love this recipe because it takes almost no prep time and can be whipped together for a cool, refreshing drink on the hottest of summer days with little to no effort.

Pinacoladas 1
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This drink is made with rum but can be made virgin (alcohol-free) and still taste delicious. I didn’t add any sweetener to this Piña Colada recipe but feel free to add a touch of simple syrup if you prefer yours on the sweeter side. Or, if you’re leaving the alcohol out, add a touch (like a hint) of maple syrup to get a little more flavor in place of the rum.

Pinacoladas 7
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I chose to include a dark rum for this recipe because I love the depth of flavor, but use whatever you have on hand or prefer to buy. And as always, if you prefer a touch more alcohol, add away! I was thinking it would even be fun to do a rum floater if you want to get garnish crazy.

Pinacoladas 12
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One trick, if you have extra time, is to freeze the rum in ice cube trays, or at least take it as far as it will freeze. You could even mix it with the coconut cream to get a better freeze and omit the ice cubes altogether. This will give a nice creamy blend without watering it down too much.

Pinacoladas 17

I buy two bags (1 lb each) of frozen pineapple to keep on hand almost all of the time unless we happen to have leftover fresh pineapple that I can freeze. My two daughters can’t get enough fresh fruit, so that doesn’t happen frequently.

Pinacoladas 43
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If you are using fresh pineapple in this recipe, I recommend freezing it first. That way you don’t water down the drink too much with ice. That’s the trick to all frozen drinks, and part of my note on the alcohol and coconut cream above.

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Pinacoladas 32
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I love the way the dried coconut chunks act as a garnish. A nice little chewy crunch at the bottom of the cup! I would even go a step further and use shredded coconut and rim the glass like you would salt on a margarita! Enjoy this one, friends.

Pinacoladas 13
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Piña Coladas



Jennifer Bravo


July 23, 2020


August 18, 2020


6 servings

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time


  • 2 lb frozen pineapple chunks
  • 13 ½ oz coconut cream (1 can)
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 1 cup dark rum
  • 2 handfuls ice
  • coconut chunks, fresh or dried


  1. In a large high-speed blender, mix pineapple, coconut cream, and lime juice until just blended and thick. Mix in rum and as much ice as needed to keep the consistency slightly thick and creamy.
  2. Garnish with coconut chunks and any leftover pineapple. Enjoy!

Nutrition Per Serving

Serving Size - 6
Calories - 392
Carbohydrate - 39.2g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Fiber - 3.8g
Protein - 2.4g
Fat - 17.8g
Saturated Fat - 15.6g
Trans Fat - 0g
Unsaturated Fat - 0g
Sodium - 14mg
Sugar - 34.4g

Recipe Details

Cooking Method - Blending

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