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24 Mason Jar Dessert Recipes You're Going to Love

These mason jar desserts come in all flavors and colors so choosing just one may be hard. So why not just make a few of each?

The best things in life sometimes come in the smallest packages, like these cute little mason jar dessert to steal your heart and maintain your waistline! The trick is to just to eat one of these adorable mini mason jar cakes and treats.

1. Carrot Cake Cupcake Jars

Dsc 1086 High Resolution Resize
via The Adventure Bite // The Inspired Home

Cupcake jars may be the world's best invention yet. A perfect multi-layer cake in an adorable little container for parties or to go!

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2. Mini Mason Jar Blueberry Pies

via Handmade Mood

These sweet treats are the best idea for dessert tonight! You are sure to love every bite of this!

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3. Lemon Blueberry Tarts

Blueberry Lemon Tart 1 Of 1 20 675X1000
Blueberry Lemon Tart 1 Of 1 19 710X1024
via Sugar Spun Run

Lemon blueberry tarts in mason jars couldn't be more perfectly adorable and super tasty! I dare you to eat just one. I know I can't make that bet, I would lose!

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4. Watermelon Cake in a Mason Jar

Watermelon Cake Mason Jar Dessert 2
va Pizzazerie

Mason Jar Watermelon Cakes are the perfect recipe for springtime and sharing with friends. Super easy to make and take to an Easter party!

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5. Autumn Harvest Overnight Oats

Autumn Overnight Oats 4 Resize

It isn’t autumn anymore but that won’t stop you from loving every bite of this amazing recipe! I think you will love this just as much as we do! Wow!

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6. S'mores in a Jar

Smores In A Jar 3 1024X683
via Olivia's Cuisine

S'mores in a mason jar is the best way to enjoy the flavors of camping while staying away from the elements in your comfortable chair!

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7. Mason Jar French Toast

Mason Jar French Toast 12 Of 14
Mason Jar French Toast 14 Of 14

Mason Jar French Toast is a great way to enjoy cute mini French toasts. You can have a French Toast Bar with different toppings to choose from and each person can add their favorite toppings to enjoy a different combo!

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8. Spiced-Up Pudding in a Jar

Jars On Plate 700X467
via The Log Home Kitchen

Spiced-Up Pudding in a Mason Jar is so pretty and I want a million of these mouthwatering mason jar desserts. This dessert is going to turn some heads at the table tonight!

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9. Red Velvet Oreo Trifles

Red Velvet Oreo Trifle In A Jar6
Red Velvet Oreo Trifle In A Jar3
via Life, Love and Sugar

Red Velvet Oreo Trifles in Mason Jars are an amazing sweet treat that you just have to try! They are an excellent way to add some elegance to any event!

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10. Apple Raisin Pies Jars

Mini Apple Raisin Pies In Jars Emily Caruso Jelly Toast 2 Of 7
Mini Apple Raisin Pies In Jars Emily Caruso Jelly Toast 1 Of 7
via Jelly Toast

These Apple Raisin Pies in mason jars are just delightful. These can easily be made ahead of time and baked right before you need them.

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11. Berry Yogurt Breakfast Parfait

Berry Yogurt Parfaits Landscape
via Julie's Eats & Treats

This is the perfect parfait with strawberries, blueberries, granola and nuts. A great way to lighten up your dessert options!

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12. No Bake Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie
via Million Moments

You didn't even know you were missing these adorable pies in your life! Try these tonight!

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13. Gluten-Free Lemon Chia Seed Muffin Yogurt Parfait

Gluten Free Lemon Chia Muffin Yogurt Parfait 5 1024X683
via Abra's Kitchen

These Gluten-Free Yogurt Parfaits are so adorably scrumptious. I know you are going to love this recipe for breakfast tomorrow!

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14. Rolo Brownie Trifles

Rolo Brownie Trifles
Caramel Rolo Brownie Trifles
via Bakingdom

Way better than anything you can buy on the shelf! This tasty dessert puts candy bars to shame!

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15. Golden Oreo Dream Salad

Oreo Dream Salad Landscape

This Golden Oreo Dream Salad in a Mason Jar takes your Oreos to a whole new level. Peeps... go eat your heart out!

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16. Whiskey Cake in a Jar

Spinkle Bakes Whiskey Cakes
via Sprinkle Bakes

Making cake is honestly the second best thing you can possibly do with whiskey. Even drinking whiskey is better when you have these in the kitchen!

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17. Mason Jar Lid Tarts with Chocolate Raspberry

Mason Jar Tarts White Chocolate 3
Mason Jar Tarts White Chocolate
via Dessert for Two

Super cute little treats you are going to want to make again and again!

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18. Mini Chocolate Poke Cakes

Chocolatetoffeecakes3 Rs
via My Baking Addiction

These mini poke cakes are the dessert I have been craving! They are sooo good and bite-sized too so you better watch out!

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19. Cherry Crisp

2011 06 06 Cherry Crisp Jars
2011 06 06 Cherry Crisp Jars2
via My Baking Addiction // My Kitchen Addiction

Cherry Crisp after dinner anyone? Crunchy, crispy and tangy... this is the best dessert around!

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20. Mason Jar Lemon Meringues

Mason Jar Lemon Meringue Pie 2 Thumb
via It All Started with Paint

You aren't going to believe how easy these are to make and clean up after too! I am hooked!

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21. Vanilla Panna Cotta with Blueberry Lemon Sauce

Vanilla Panna Cotta
Vanilla Panna Cotta Recipe
via The Adventure Bite

A simple yet elegant dessert that is perfect for tonight! Make your treats a little more gourmet tonight and get prepared to be super popular around the table!

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22. Berry Lemon Shortcake

Berry Lemon Shortcake Three 750 1125 683X1024
Berry Lemon Shortcake
via Real Simple Good

Tangy and fruity and delicious, I think you are going to love these just as much as we do!

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23. Mini Mason Jar Strawberry Cheesecake

Mini Mason Jar Straw Cheesecake Blog 12
via What's Gaby Cooking?

These mini cheesecakes are just about the cutest little shortcakes around! These are guaranteed to be popular at your next picnic too!

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24. Banana Cream Pudding Parfaits

Banana Cream Pudding Parfait Two In The Kitchen C
via Two in the Kitchen

These parfaits are certainly the perfect tasty treat for your table tonight. Banana splits eat your heart out!

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