Water Bottles & Hydration Gear to Keep You Cool and Less Thirsty This Summer

From a water bottle that retains ice for 24 hours to a sports bottle that moonlights as personal mister, these five drinking vessels will have you bee-lining it to the water pitcher in no time. Your hydration gear is an essential part of staying healthy this summer, so choose carefully!

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Takeya’s ThermoFlask 32-ounce bottle won’t let you go thirsty. In fact, it’s fun to drink from for two reasons: it has a wide-mouth opening and you’ll hear the clanking of ice inside up to 24 hours after you fill it up. Credit the double-wall vacuum insulated body, which also keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours, meaning this bottle will still be useful come winter. Whether you’re heading out for a hike (note the nifty carry loop around its neck) or keeping it on your desk, this BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel bottle is the perfect companion—especially because it comes in five colors.

For Music Festivals (and Toddlers)

We’re baffled by the fact that this wasn’t invented earlier. O2Cool’s ArcticSqueeze Mist ‘N Sip 20 ounce bottles let you drink just like any other classic sports bottle but, get this, you can also mist yourself when the mercury starts to rise. Genius! Squeeze the lever and a fine mist puffs out with just enough moisture to cool you down but not soak you. We can’t imagine going without this at our next summertime music festival or on humid bike rides and hikes. Bonus: Toddlers find it entertaining for hours.

For the Health-Conscious

If squeezing lemon or lime into your water is your thing, you’ll love Cool Gear’s 26-ounce Split Top Infuser. This affordable, fun-looking water bottle comes with a removable juicer so you can combine citrus with your H2O easily. Studies show adding lemon to your water aids digestion, reduces inflammation, and boosts your immune system among other benefits. Another way to use the bottle? Store fruit below the juicer to flavor your water without battling pulp, seeds or large pieces of fruit coming up with every gulp.

For Space Savers

The MMY-A036 bottle from Tiger is compact and 20% lighter than previous versions of the bottle, making it the go-to when you don’t want to lug a heavy water bottle. About the size of a spray can of sunscreen, the vacuum-insulated, double-walled MMY-A036 slips easily into your purse or backpack without being a nuisance and holds just enough water for a few errands (12-16 oz), and will keep it cold for about the same amount of time.

For the Eco-Minded

Zoku’s 16-ounce Travel Tumbler is a nice environmentally-friendly replacement for the disposable to-go cup you’re used to from the local café, complete with BPA-free plastic straw. What’s better? The double-walled design keeps your drink cooler for longer. Snap in the silicone lid—we found spills were surprisingly small when tipped over by our toddler given the non-vacuum design. Plus, she loved drinking from it as much as we did. Five fun colors and a price less than $12 makes it a no-brainer.