How to Keep Your Family Happy and Healthy This Winter

Every parent wants happy and healthy kids. Kids that enjoy life and are thriving. During the year, I try my best to keep my kids healthy with these mindful and healthy habits. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to parenting and neither should your healthy habits. But with a few tips, I hope you can start to feel confident enough to take charge of your family’s health and well-being!

Wash Your Hands

Keeping my kids’ hands washed is my number one priority when it comes to keeping them healthy. At home, they wash their hands several times during the day to keep any germs that they may have picked up, from spreading. Automatic soap dispensers like this one from simplehuman help with my efforts. All they do is put their hands under the pump and they receive a generous amount of soap for hand washing without spreading any germs.

Clean Up the Air

With a couple of asthmatics in our household (myself included) I’m alway trying to improve the air quality in our home. During the cold and flu season, this is even more important to prevent upper respiratory infections. Because allergens can increase our asthma symptoms, I decided on this Winix air purifier. With a 5-stage air purification system, a certified HEPA filter and an app that I can use to monitor the filters, air quality and even schedules, it was an easy pick for us!

While we can’t see or control every single toxin in our home, getting an air purifier in the bedroom is one of the best things we can do for our kids health and to promote better sleep. This little unit purifies up to 400 square feet which is perfect for my boys room and girls room.

Healthy Snacks

Immune boosting snacks are also on my mommy list for keeping the kids at their best! Anything with vitamin-C, is a must for us! My kids aren’t picky eaters so apples, cheese, crackers and oranges are just some of the things they enjoy! I also keep them hydrated with their own Zoku tumblers. It keeps their water cold all day! Plus it helps with the dishes which I think every mother can appreciate!


When it comes to being active, my kids are always encouraged to participate in any sport or physical activity that they find fun. For my boys it’s flag football, baseball and basketball throughout the year. For my little girl, dancing and cheering, two times a week keeps her out of the house and engaged with friends. According to, kids who are physically active are more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful! Plus exercise also helps kids sleep better.


I try to keep all of our kid friendly vitamins and supplements together in a clear container for easy access. These storage boxes from InterDesign are perfect for medicines and other supplements. If I see the kids coming on with something I make sure to use our supplements like elderberry and everyday multi-vitamins to help fight off any colds or coughs until we can make it in to the doctor.


It’s possible for kids to be too busy and not busy enough. For our family, we are always adding to and taking away activities depending on the season. Each child is different, but I think all parents can agree that keeping kids engaged in community clubs, service, hobbies and sports is almost always a good idea. If you allow media during the week (tablets, phones, computers, video games, etc.), suggests that you address what type of media and how much they are allowed. They also suggest to be consistent on your limits each day and make it apart of their schedules so they know what to expect.

We are always finding ways to improve the overall health for our kids. As parents like you and I, pediatricians and researchers continue in this common goal, let’s always try to foster good and healthy habits for our children in hopes to give them an environment to thrive in.