​Feng Shui Kitchen Nutrition and Beautification

In the ancient philosophy of feng shui, the kitchen is the center of both wealth and health in your home. When you create a more functional, organized and beautiful kitchen, you lift the energy of the room — and everything you cook — in the most prosperous way.

Small shifts to polish and lift the energy of your kitchen open up your life to vibrant abundance and deliciousness! If you haven’t been cooking, have trouble sticking to healthier habits or find your kitchen is always a mess, these tips can help you to make a big breakthrough.

Start by de-cluttering your refrigerator and pantry.

Expired food, highly processed junk food can go. Whenever possible, donate food or use it up and don’t replace it again. Wasting food is never good karma!

Grow grass…then drink it!

Growing trays of wheatgrass is spectacular and will enliven the kitchen and bring feng shui wood energy freshness to your whole home! HERE is the simplest way to grow trays (or flower pots) full of grass!

Juice it daily. This masticating Omega juicer is a gold standard for any kitchen) to add an ounce or two of energizing, liver-cleansing wheatgrass juice to your life.

Become your own artisan chef.

Grind your own coffee beans. Grinders like the Cuisinart Programmable Conical Burr Mill can revolutionize your morning coffee routine.

If you want to get authentic with your baking (and more adventurous with nutritious bean flour and gluten-free options) a NutriMill not only looks gorgeous, it’s an endless nutritional tool to unlock new options for everyday cooking and baking!

The next-level of artisan chic.

Stock loose leaf teas in your pantry in mason jars and see if you can add rosehips or dried organic rose petals to your favorite tea.

Fresh herbs grow bountifully.

Herbs are a catalyst for cooking… and for your expanding your personal creativity in the process of curating and cultivating them. Most herbs thrive in a sunny window for most of the day. If you can’t grow your fresh herbs in the kitchen, see if you have another windowsill (even the living room patio) to grow a few pots of fresh herbs in great sunshine. Select herbs that are rare or special, like chocolate mint (amazing with fresh berries), organic lavender (you can add to roasted meat, ice cream, tea) and others that expand your horizons!

Multicolored accessories will bring a punch of inspiration to your cupboards every day you open them.

Room Copenhagen makes my favorite Pantone Universe cups in a full spectrum of life-illuminating color swatch hues. You can also mix and match table setting with a trip to a vintage shop for colorful accent plates or wildly patterned china to mix into your plate settings.

Keep your kitchen clean, safe and spacious.

Make sure your trash is dumped regularly and recycling handled responsibly to keep the kitchen spacious on every level. I love the chic, sturdy simplehuman trash cans and recycler bins.

Go ergonomic with your kitchen rugs and mats! WellnessMats are some of the best energizing, fatigue-fighting accessories for the kitchen. If you have a hard time with standing at the stove or countertop to do preparation, these mats can be a revolution for you.

Clear, clean, enliven and beautify your kitchen in ways that make you feel privileged, grateful, connected to and excited for every meal and the results will be nothing short of a massive energy transformation at home and prosperity for your whole life!