How to Get Your Guest Room Ready for the Holidays

Call me weird, but I LOVE having houseguests! It’s your own special moment to show your friends and family just how much they’re loved. We get a few guests sprinkled during the year but mostly during the winter! Everyone wants to come visit us in California to get away from the cold weather!

December is the busiest month for get togethers, traditions and guests passing through so let’s make sure your space is ready to go! I live in a very small (but very cute!) Orange County craftsman house. We have two bedrooms and one of them doubles as an office and guest room. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a crazy amount of space to make your guests feel comfy in your home! I’m going to show you five simple things that help get your guest room ready for it’s holiday (and busy!) season!

1.Fresh, crisp, linens!

During the other 11/12 months of the year I have crisp white sheets, linens and towels for my guests so they feel hotel fresh. During December, I swap them out for my Santa Claus sheets for an extra holiday cheer. I love keeping everything feeling fresh still so I top my bedding off with a Garnier Thiebaut Duvet Cover. Extra points for putting two small chocolates on the pillows for a midnight delight!

2. Toiletries!

I only have one bathroom so I love providing a small basket of basic toiletries for my guests in their room. This way, they aren’t fishing around in the bathroom and they have everything they need right at their fingertips. I stick with the bathroom basics like shampoo, toothpaste, q tips and throw in some basic medicines for heartburn, headaches, etc.

3. Throw in some seasonal items!

I love giving our guest room a holiday feel. Traveling during the holidays sometimes makes people miss home or feel uncomfortable so I try and bring some extra cheer into the room. I put up a small Christmas tree, festive throw pillows and a set of Royal Doulton holiday mugs!

4. Bedtime Snack!

Nothing is worse than going to bed hungry or patiently waiting for everyone to wake up in the morning. Jet lag is real and I always try and accommodate this for my guests. Our house is on the smaller size and when one person is up everyone usually knows it. I put a Nespresso machine in my guest room and I think it works great for my early risers or for guests that want a moment for themselves before waking up. I always equip the room with a water carafe and plenty of granola bars for their late night munchies!

5. Squeaky Clean!

This may sound simple, but spend a little extra time cleaning up your room. Our guest room doubles as my office so I make sure to remove any clutter, clean off the surfaces and vacuum thoroughly to remove any of Rascal’s dog hair. I like to leave the window open before a guest arrives to bring in some fresh air and I always light a fresh candle.