Put Together a Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Bar for a Toasty Winter Party

Need a great idea for your next easy gathering? This time of the year is filled with all sorts of gatherings and parties. Over the next week I think we’ve got three get togethers planned, alone! My friends will tell you that I’ll pretty much never turn down the chance to have a gathering at the house. To keep up my good streak I have to throw in some easier parties here and there. Every now and then you need something simple that won’t tear your entire house apart. Queue in: grilled cheese and tomato soup bar! Taking a trip down nostalgia lane never felt so good!

I love spending weekends in the winter curled up being cozy, which almost always includes some good comfort food. When I think of quintessential comfort food it always leads me back to grilled cheese! My Cuisinart Griddle and Press make grilled cheese sandwiches a breeze to make for everyone. The clean up is as fast as a non-stick pan and cooks sandwiches so evenly! The best part about this grilled cheese and tomato soup bar is that the whole set up can be customizable to what your guests like! There are three main categories that you need to fill your bar up with and you will be good to go!


I like to choose three to five different breads for my bar! My standard go to’s are sourdough and French bread. These are great classics that work for most sandwiches. I like to pick one funky bread, like asiago cheese, sesame or pumpernickel for some fun flavor! Keep a small dish of softened butter close by your bread!


My favorite part! Honestly, the more the merrier. Be sure to have your main cheeses like cheddar, Swiss and pepper jack. Then fill out your bar with fun flavors like blue cheese, goat cheese and Gouda!


When picking out fillings I used Subway as my guideline. Think of all the fun veggies and sauces that you love to pick and choose from and load your bar up! Great basics to deck your grilled cheese bar with our slices tomatoes, red onion, avocado and fresh basil!

Next to the sandwich station I set out a big pot of tomato soup! I love using a cast iron pot like my BergHOFF saucepan for the tomato soup. The cast iron retains lots of heat so it keeps the soup warm while everyone has time to make their grilled cheese!

Next to the soup area I like to put out small bowls of croutons and Parmesan cheese for topping! Anything you can do to make your bar more customizable, the better!