10 Gifts for the Wellness Enthusiast in Your Life

Giving gifts that promote wellness takes the energy of gift giving to the highest heights. Wellbeing is the greatest wealth, and even small gifts of wellness for everyone you know – like houseplants or a great veggie cookbook- can spread the wealth of wellness even further.

For your family and friends who are already big wellness enthusiasts, this season’s round-up of gifts will raise the bar even higher – clearing the air, supercharging snacks, relaxing the body and creating an even more radiant glow!

1. Kiwi-Yogurt Maker

The microbiome is a hot topic in wellness for a reason – your gut health is key to the heath of your entire body, mind and moods, and probiotic-rich yogurt is vital to that thriving microbiome. You may want to grab a yogurt machine for yourself while you pick up a few as gifts!

2. Yonanas

Yonanas is the ultimate invention for dessert lovers who’ve given up dairy or committed to a special diet yet can’t quite quit on soft-serve ice cream. Frozen bananas are transformed into soft-serve “ice cream” instantly!

3. Pure Platinum HEPA Mini Air Purifier

This Pure Platinum HEPA Mini Air Purifier from Lasko is a big relief for allergies, mold sensitivities and a gift for all of us who love pure and clean air! Outfitted with a HEPA filter as well a UV light purification system, you’ll want to move it through every room of the house to feel the freshness.

4. WBM’s Himalayan Salt Lamps

Anyone with a mission to have more peace, deeper sleep and a more positive-vibration-filled home should start with one of these glowing pink salt lamps. Then… add more and more! They fill the air with negative ions that create a lusciously positive environment

5. Nesco’s Digital Square Dehydrator

Making Paleo jerkey, “raw” crackers, homemade fruit rollups, kale chips – so many superfood snacks can be custom-made in this digital tower dehydrator!

6. Tribest Life Water Revitalizer

A gift I’d be over-the-moon to receive, this water revitalizer returns drinking water to its crystalline state on a molecular level, making it more harmonized with your body at it’s best!

7. Breville’s Juice Fountain Plus

Breville’s Juice Fountain Plus is the simplest-to-use powerful juicer for your loved ones who are gravitating toward the juice bar. Toss in a copy of the Reboot With Joe Juice Diet by Joe Cross and you’ll have gifted a detoxifying fresh start to someone you love!

8. Breo Mini Body Massagers

This super-stylish set of massagers works wonders on your scalp, face, shoulders, neck, back and calves like magic. Your SoulCycle and yoga friends will adore these portable tension-melters!

9. Herbal Concepts Comfort Booties

Filled with 12 relaxing herbs and flax seeds, these aromatherapy booties can be popped in the freezer or warmed the microwave to soothe or invigorate feet.

10. Relaxus Acu Reflexology Walking Mat

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, soles of our feet contain various points that correspond to different organs and energy systems in the body that maintain our balance and wellness. By walking barefoot on this mat of 204 rotating plastic stones, these foot reflexology points are stimulated and vital energy can flow freely!