Gifts for a New Parent

Tis the season for giving! New parents need all the help they can get. Learning how to care for a new child is a daunting task, but with a little help from you, their lives will become a whole lot easier. You’re sure to give a great gift when the adjectives used to describe them are simple and useful. There’s no greater gift than one that will aid them in their new mission as parents.


Oh, sleep. What’s that again? When you’re a new parent, you’ll do just about anything to get a few more winks of sleep. In fact, after tip toeing around my first child, I learned with my second what a blessing a sound machine can be. Both of my children (as will my soon-to-be newborn) sleep with a sound machine and sleep longer and harder than they do without it. Better nights of sleep for everyone! The Marpac Portable Sound Machine is great for this, too. We own the larger, non-travel versions of the Marpac (the Dohm) and the fan noise is a fan favorite. Having my third child soon, that baby will have to learn to do a lot of sleeping on the go, which is precisely where the portable sound machine comes in. What a great gift for a growing family!

As a mother, I’m a worrier about my children, especially once they’re old enough to transition into a room of their own. I sleep so much more soundly knowing that I can check on them any moment I wish, without disturbing their sleep. And that’s all thanks to a video camera. Over the years, I’ve used our video cameras for our children on a daily basis, even when we are on a date. I can check in on our children sleeping, see the dog napping while I’m at the grocery store or even check in on the babysitter. I know that sounds a little creepy, but it all helps me calm my worrying motherly tendencies. For all of those reasons, the iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera is a wonderful gift for the new parent. It even rotates 360¬∞!


When the day comes that baby starts to teethe, parents will need all the help they can get to help relieve the aches and pains of baby. This is especially true when the parents are out-and-about with a teething baby. I’ve found a lot of success using teething necklaces while wearing my children over the years. Beware of the drool! That’s why necklaces like the Bumkins Teething Necklaces are amazing! Mama can wear them as a fashion accessory and baby can get the relief he/she needs. You’ve gotta love a multi-purpose gift!


Some parents exclusively breastfeed. For these parents, I wouldn’t advise the next gift recommendation. Instead, a good gift would be things like nursing gear (cover, bra, shirt), a breastfeeding pillow or even a good water bottle for mommy. However, for parents who are supplementing or exclusively feeding with bottles (whether breastmilk or formula), the Innobaby Silicone Bottle is a great gift. If your babies guzzle milk like mine have, you’re bound to need a few bottles on hand!


The infant months are ever fleeting, but for a new parent last for a good, long while. Having a project to work on during the downtime that also helps create a memento for the parents is a lovely gift. Whether this be a gift card to a photo book or for the craftier, a Dimensions Needlecraft Baby Drawers Birth Record, the new parents are sure to treasure the memories of their new baby for a lifetime.