How to Organize Your Family Fridge for Practical Everyday Use

Is there anything more satisfying than an organized fridge? To open up the fridge and find that everything is fully stocked and ready to consume has to be one of the best feelings in the world!

But so many of us put off organizing the fridge because we are too busy or too overwhelmed with pretty images on Pinterest to even get started. After all that there is still a simple question that remains. How can I get an organized fridge that functions for my family?

I’ve told you guys before that I’m the most unorganized person in the world. Things get out of order FAST in my house, BUT that never stops me from going back to square one. Ideally I would want my fridge to look like this every single day, but truthfully it will be somewhat of a hot mess in a few weeks, but that’s ok because to me it’s better than a REALLY hot mess. There’s a difference between trying to be organized and not trying to be organized at all. So here are a few things I did to get my fridge functioning for my family of five.

Functional Choices

You’ll notice I have drinks up top and drinks below. Milk in glass jars and water are pretty much always allowed when it comes to drink options for the kids. So those are below where they have easy access to them. I love the option of filtering our own tap water with the Brita filter. It sits low enough for the kids to use all the time and even has an easy to use spout.

Above are my husband’s favorite juices that are for the most part off limits to the kids except with dinner! Ha! I like to keep the juice contained in this madesmart bin so it’s easy to access. Plus you might want a different flavor in the back and with this we don’t need to dig!

You can see my favorite stock of drinks on the door. Black coffee and sparkling sodas stay stocked in my fridge. Water bottles for friends that may be visiting are also on the door! My advice to you is to think about how you use your fridge on the daily basis and put items in reach for each member of your family!

Smart Solutions

One of my favorite things in the fridge is this Lazy Susan from madesmart. I must be last to the party because I had NO idea that these even existed but they do and they are wonderful. It’s like a little condiment city!! With an easy spin I can get to the mustard and the creamer.

Food Storage

Another great product I added and one that I recommend for anyone who loves to cook with fresh herbs is this herb keeper. Add a little water and this container keeps herbs fresh for up to two weeks longer than any conventional option!

Another great tip if you have kids or are constantly snacking, is to have all your snacks in bins that slide out. Now listen friends. There is no need to label things if you aren’t up for it. Sometimes I think the pretty part of organization is a roadblock for so many! If you have time great BUT a labeled fridge is not the goal here. The goal is to make things work for your family!

Every fridge has at least two drawers. One for veggies and one for fruits. I used the top drawer for fresh fruits contained with a square bin to separate fruits that are alike. I also snuck in some premade lunches for the kids for mornings we are running behind! Which is pretty much every morning!

The bottom drawer is full of fresh vegetables and bags of salad that I use for lunch and dinner options. A good rule of thumb is to group anything that will wilt in a high humidity drawer together. So lettuce, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, etc. are perfect!

If you have a third drawer in your fridge is most likely the deli drawer! So meats and cheeses are perfect in here. If you are a vegan, you can put your tofu, or vegan cheese in this drawer as well!

So are you guys ready to tackle your fridge for everyday use? Shop the products I mentioned above on the sidebar and get yourself organized!