Create the Perfect Vision Board to Accomplish Your Goals

It’s safe to say that we are all starting to get ready to make it an epic new year. One of the most creative ways to plan out the year ahead is by creating a vision board. You may have heard of them before from Oprah or created a digital one through Pinterest, but I want to show you how to create a vision board that you can consistently reflect on.

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Vision boards are such powerful ways to keep your dreams alive
and they also allow you to tap into
your creativity in the process. That
doesn’t mean that you have to be
super crafty or artistic. That means
that no dream is too high or lofty
for your vision board. While setting
realistic goals that you feel confident
you will accomplish is helpful to keep
you going, it’s also energizing to add
dreams that might seem out of reach
so you can work on chipping away at
them throughout the year. Also, don’t
be afraid of having empty or white
space on your vision board. This is
your way of leaving room for the unexpected, for new dreams, and for things
you didn’t even realize you wanted!

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1/ To start, I recommend journaling out
what you want your 2019 to look like.
How do you want to feel next year? Do
you want it to be a year of adventure
or a year of restoration? Is this the year
that you prioritize your health and
learn to cook or get a gym membership? Or is this is the year that you see
significant growth in your business?
Include as many items as you desire.
After journaling, take a separate piece
of paper and list out some of the key
elements you found in your writing. Were there specific themes that
kept showing up? Make note of these
before the next step.

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2/ Once you have a solid foundation
for what you want your 2019 to look
like, it’s time to start gathering the
words and images that are going to
be a reflection of that. I recommend
doing this through browsing the internet and entering the themes, words or actions that best describe your
dreams and then find the picture that
fits. Most people also tend to have a
few magazines laying around so you
can also dig through those to see if
anything pops out at you that would
work for your board. And last, write
out some words, quotes and numbers
that all reflect what you want to see in
the year ahead. I recommend using all
three of these elements when making
your vision board.

3/ Lastly, you just need to pull it all
together. I have used everything from
cardboard to construction paper. It
doesn’t really matter as long as it’s
something that makes you feel good
when you look at it and is nice enough
that you will want to keep it on display in a place you will see everyday.

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Simply arrange the cut-outs that you have gathered and attach them to the board with tape, tacks, or glue and voila! You have a cherished vision board to carry you through 2019. I can promise you that the more you look at it, the more that those dreams will sink into your cells and become a reality for you and your life—just wait and watch the manifestation happen!

Copy by Nitika Chopra / Photography by Constance Mariena

This story originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of The Inspired Home Journal, titled “Perfect Vision.”