Create the Perfect Morning Routine for Your Family

Is it just me or am I the only one who loves to see others’ routines. Morning, work, night, workout… it doesn’t really matter which one, I just love to know what others are doing so I can make sure I’m not missing out on any life changing habits!!

I definitely consider myself a free spirit in most areas of my life (creative people like me say this all the time haha) but once I became a wife and a mother, that idea really just took a back seat. Moms are driven by routines. Having kids gives you just enough chaos to make you feel ALIVE but not enough to drive you completely CRAZY. Three kids is manageable and because of that, so is our morning routine.

The day really starts with me. When I wake up, the house wakes up! I mean it can wake up without me but let me tell you, it’s not pretty. Kids forget projects, make questionable breakfast choices and don’t even get me started about outfits. Even though they have reminders in human form (aka mom and dad) and also in written form (agendas and calendars) They still forget!

So I try to wake up before the kids and get things going with some coffee, maybe a smoothie or just some water and lemon. I’ll do the same thing for about 3-4 days in a row and then switch it up because if I don’t, the days feels mundane!

Once get myself going, I wake the kids and usually start a load of laundry. That’s only because I pass the laundry room twice and I feel like I should make an attempt to go in there! Because the laundry room is upstairs I know I won’t go back up there if there is no laundry started!

The kids get a simple breakfast that they can usually make themselves. Frozen waffles are a favorite and so is peanut butter toast with sliced bananas and cinnamon. I use a nifty banana cutter to slice them a bit faster. With three kids, it really is a time saver!

Mom tip: Always have your kids come down in their pajamas. My kids use to get dressed and ready before coming down but they ruined so many outfits doing that! So now they get fully dressed AFTER breakfast.

While the kids go back upstairs, get dressed, brush their teeth, and do any last minute things, I’ll sometimes start their lunches for them. We usually look at the school lunch menu to decide if they are buying or taking. If they are taking we pack a lunch if not we just pack a snack!

They take a snack every single day so we like to use reusable bags like these from Stasher to store anything from fruit to crackers. We have a few sizes so we just pick and choose which one fits! Frozen fruit is perfect for lunch boxes because it stays cold and by the time lunch comes around it’s defrosted enough for them to eat!

Once the snacks and lunches are packed the kids are ready to put shoes on, pack backpacks and wait for the bus! The bus picks them up a couple of houses down from our home so it’s just a 1 minute walk! After I kiss my babies goodbye I head back into the house and start my work day!