Adult Juice Boxes

Juice boxes and drink pouches aren’t just for kids, and I’ve got a travel-friendly, make-ahead, crowd-pleasing recipe to prove it.

How many times have you packed for a picnic, tailgate, or beach hang, and had to limit your adult beverages to just plain old wine and beer? Getting a well-made cocktail to a remote destination is always a bit of a head scratcher. You’re not gonna pack a bunch of shakers and jiggers, after all, and most large-format party drink vessels (like pitchers and punch bowls) don’t travel well.

Enter these adorable disposable flasks. They look like fill-your-own Capri Suns without the annoying straw, and they provide a spill-free, easy-to-pack answer to the problem of bringing great drinks with you on the go.

This adult juice box life hack isn’t just about hitting the road, either (I’m looking at you, barbeques and backyard hangs). Here’s the thing: I’ve attempted to make cocktails ‘to order’ for my guests one too many times, and frankly I usually end up looking less ‘effortless hostess’ and more ‘very hot mess’. I’m now ALL about recipes I can make ahead of time. There’s nothing like packing an ice-filled cooler with these adorable pouches, then walking away and enjoying your own party.

The recipe itself is a total crowd pleaser. Stronger than wine, but low key enough that you can drink the eight ounce pouch without hitting the floor. Lillet Rose, the key ingredient here, brings a lovely array of summery, jammy flavors to the table, which will pair well with almost any fruit or herb garnish you care to throw in there.

Slice citrus thin with an OXO Mandoline, then roll it up to fit it through the spout. A bamboo skewer or chopstick will help you guide your garnishes into the flask — I used edible flowers, mint, and fennel along with my lemon slices.

Adult Juice Boxes Recipe

Juice boxes and drink pouches aren’t just for kids, and we’ve got a travel-friendly, make-ahead, crowd-pleasing recipe to prove it.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4


  • 1.5 cups vodka
  • 1.5 cups Chardonnay
  • .5 cups Lillet Rose
  • .75 cups fresh squeezed/strained lemon juice
  • .75 cups fresh squeezed/strained grapefruit
  • .75 cups simple syrup
  • 1.5 tsp angostura bitters
  • Hearty pinch of salt


  • Stir all ingredients in a pitcher.
  • If using, add thinly sliced citrus to your flasks, then fill using the included funnel. Let cool in the fridge until well chilled (ideally 4 hours).
  • Add herb/floral garnishes and serve immediately, or in an ice-filled cooler.
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