8 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bedtime Routine For More Rejuvenating Sleep

Routines help bring a regular rhythm to life, keeping the energy flowing and the happy energy high. Wellness rituals are the best kind of routines to eliminate stress, creating space in the day to demonstrate self-love and self-care in action.

Sleep is so vital to health and wellbeing that without enough of it: your immune system starts to slip, your memory falters, bad moods fester, tempers get stirred from surges of stress hormones, weight gain and body pains can flare and over 700 genes at a minimum are adversely “turned on” when you are in sleep deprivation. That’s not counting the dark circles, accelerated aging and general feeling of exhaustion that sucks the magic from life.

More sleep can be profoundly life changing. The number of hours does matter — on average 7-9 are recommended — but beyond the hours, the quality of your sleep matters, too! That’s where amazing routines can elevate you to a new level of well-rested and refreshed.

1. Set the stage for more relaxation with more dim light and less noise of TV and electronics as the sun goes down.

The more you can unplug, the better it will be for your life.

2. A few minutes of stretching can help you to let go of the day and anywhere you’re holding tension.

Yoga is wonderful but simple stretches that feel good, in my experience, are equally awesome. This small addition to your routine can be so liberating for both your mind and body.

3. Wash off the stresses of the day with a quick bath if you can.

Add a cup of baking soda or sea salt to make it ultra refreshing.

4. Your beauty routine will shine more with some exfoliation before bed.

I actually wash my face twice — once with simple soap and again with a sonic cleaner brush and a vitamin-packed cleanser. The Tao Clean Orbital Face Brush & Cleaning Station is a space-age breakthrough — the cleansing brush exfoliates and makes a clean sweep of skin and the charging base actually purifies the brush with UVC light to kill 99.9% of the germs it picks up, keeping it clear and pure.

A sonic toothbrush is a must in my life to increase whiteness and overall dental gleam! The Tao Clean Ultrasonic Toothbrush & Cleaning Station, like it’s face brush cousin, sports a UVC light that keeps the brush germ-free and fresh!

5. Try a sea salt mouth rinse, adding a half teaspoon of sea salt to a cup of warm water.

Salt is an amazingly powerful healing agent for your gums, as well as a natural disinfectant — easy & all-natural!

6. A little pre-bed visualization is a beautiful and empowering exercise.

A cooling gel memory foam neck pillow from Lewis N. Clark Cooling Gel Memory Foam Neck Pillow can help you sink into a visualization. Count backward from 25 to 1 with your eyes closed, then visualize the outcomes you’d love to see materialize in your life play out like a movie in full color.

7. White noise can be a game-changer.

The Marpac Rohm Portable Sound Machine can fill a room with 3 types of white noise — including surf! — that can lull you into deeper sleep. You can tote this machine around with you and charge it with a USB cable if you’re on the fly!

8. Humidifiers can be the ultimate sleep upgrade!

Not only do they make the air more moist and moisturizing, but a great humidifier can also help you to soothe sinuses, and keep the air free of lots of germs and bacteria for a healthier home overall. The Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier has a micro-fine mist of completely bacteria-free water that blankets your home in hydration.

Small switches and simple upgrades can revolutionize your bedtime and pave the way for more refreshing, relaxing & healthful sleep. Whatever you decide to add to your own bedtime ritual, make sure you love it. That’s the most important energy to end the day with: gratitude and love!