4 Workplace Wellness Tips You Need to Follow

A healthy work environment can improve overall work efficiency, satisfaction as well as support our mental, emotional & physical well-being.

Below are a few tips to improve workplace wellness!


Did you know that your body is 50 – 75 percent water? It’s fascinating and is always why staying hydrated is so important! Proper hydration can help support & sustain energy levels, improve digestion (therefore reducing gas & bloating) and help with appetite control. When we are dehydrated it can make it difficult to make decisions, and cause fatigue, moodiness and lethargy. I love to keep a water bottle at my desk as a visual reminder to drink more water! Hot or chilled lemon water & herbals teas are also a great way to hydrate throughout the day.

Meal & Snack Prep

One of the best ways to eat well when away from home is to plan ahead! The weekend is a great time to shop & prep for a week of healthy eating. When you have healthy options with you at work (that you also enjoy eating!) it makes it easier to avoid office temptations such a treats! I love packing fresh snacks such as carrot & hummus, crackers & fruit. However, I also love to make my own non-perishable treats that can be stored at my desk for days such as a combo of nuts, seeds & dried fruit!

Research studies have shown the consuming crunchy foods such a carrots & almonds can improve satisfaction levels, which may help someone eat less overall. I recommend bringing a variety of snacks to satisfy all your senses & cravings you may encounter throughout the days such as; crunchy colorful vegetables, energizing & sweet fruits such as berries, apples & bananas, wholesome flavorful crackers, creamy dips such as hummus or guacamole, satisfying protein such as nut butters, almond-milk yogurt or beans & hearty grains such as brown rice & quinoa!

Keeping a stash of teas & dark chocolate are also great for an afternoon treat you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Easy Office Trail Mix

Servings 1


1 cup of unsalted raw almonds

1 cup of pumpkin seeds

1 cup of unsweetened dried fruit (cranberries, raisins, mulberries)

1 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut flakes


Add all ingredients into a bowl, mix together & enjoy! You can also portion out trail-mix into small containers.

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Find Realistic Ways to Reduce Stress

Work can be stressful! Chronic stress can really take a toll on on our health and contribute to weight gain, anxiety, difficulty making decision & overall just feeling blah! Find small ways to reduce stress & mood your mood throughout the day such such as listening to peaceful or happy music, going outside for fresh air, going on a 10 minutes walk, standing up from your desk every hour to stretch or do yoga or try eat lunch outside with a co-worker.

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great staple to keep on your desk. Salt Lamps have been said to cleanse & deodorize the air and neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation (which are produced from electronics such as computers & cellphones). They have also been associated with supporting mood & concentration. Even if these benefits do not work for you personally, a Salt Rock is beautiful to look at and creates a calming zen glow at your desk!

Keep Your Work Environment Clean & Organized

A tidy, organized & clean work space can do wonders for our mental health & physical health. You can start by wiping your desk, computer & phone with a sanitation wipe. You can also make your own natural spray cleanser with lemon and vinegar. Full Circle makes a variety of great products to keep your workspace & office organized, clean & feeling zen!

DIY Natural Lemon Cleanser

Servings 1


1 Cup Vinegar

1 Cup Water

Juice from ½ Lemon

10-20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil


Add all ingredients into a spray bottle & shake or stir together. Clean away!

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Paper can quickly pile up in an office, so having a system for paperwork is important. I like to go through my paperwork at the end of each day and recycle or file papers that is no are longer needed. If you work in an office, you likely have cleaning crew that comes through at night. However, they may focus their cleaning on large communal spaces such as the bathrooms and breakrooms. It’s a good idea to develop a system to personally clean your workspace the way you like it!

One of my favorite ways to deep clean is with steam! It’s a natural approach that gets the job done! This may seem silly & give your coworkers a laugh, however a steam cleaner is great for cleaning your office chair, especially if it’s a chair covered in fabric that has been sat on for years! A steam cleaner is also great for cleaning the floors.