5 Tools You Need to Become a Grill Master

There are so many cool products to choose from when it comes to grilling outside, but I’ve taken a shot and narrowed them down to 5 items I cannot live without in this BBQ Round-Up.

1. Long Tongs & Spatula

No matter who you are, chances are you’re going to get burned by the grill if you are turning food on the grill when it’s located in the back. My tip to you would be to invest in some tongs and spatulas that have some length to them.

2. Meat Injector

If you’ve never injected meat, now is the time. Whether it be a marinade or a tomato base sauce I made in the video you’ve got to inject your meat for an amazing bold flavor.

3. Meat Tenderizer

Days of bashing meat with a mallet are over, welcome in the new age tenderizer that is loaded with metal prongs for deep meat penetration allowing you to infuse delicious rub or sauce flavors with ease.

4. Grill Fork

Whether it’s for turning chicken on the back side of the grill or simply using it to hold meat while you slice it, a great grill fork is essential when BBQ’n.

5. Basting Brush

Keep lathering on your homemade BBQ sauce with a basting brush. I prefer the rubber bristled brush because it can hold more sauce which means I can get more with less trips to my BBQ’ed meat.