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14 Gifts for the Well-Groomed Man

The men in your life would likely love a gift of grooming! Men’s grooming is on the rise, with more men than ever before openly embracing skincare regimes, manicures and luxury shaves along with spa days and massages. This round-up of innovative grooming products is full of simple luxury for the men you love!

1. Gold Dachs 4-Piece Shaving Set

Featured Product Shaving Set
Shaving Set Gold Dachs Shop Now

Gold Dachs 4-Piece Shaving Set is the gold-standard in classic luxury wet shaving, featuring a chrome soap bowl, Mach 3 razor, finest badger brush and an elegant stand to display it all artfully.

2. Gold Dachs Rivivage Classic Shaving Soap

Featured Product Rivivage Classic Shaving Soap
Rivivage Classic Shaving Soap Gold Dachs Shop Now

As accessories to this gorgeous gift, add in a Gold Dachs Classic Shaving Soap. The soap is superior for the closest shave, and the tonic, a sandalwood-scented aftershave that closes pores and soothes skin.

3. The simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Featured Product Sensor Mirror
Sensor Mirror simplehuman Shop Now

The simplehuman Sensor Mirror has a 5x magnification for shaving with precision, and this stunning mirror features a rechargeable LED light on a sensor that illuminates as you approach.

4. Danielle Creations Framed Top Zip Bag

Featured Product Montana Top Zip Bag
Montana Top Zip Bag Danielle Creations Shop Now

For the man who travels and hits the gym, a Dopp kit is essential. This Danielle Creations Framed Top Zip Bag is carrying case for skincare, razors, and everything else he needs to carry along.

5. Danielle Bathtopia Charcoal-Infused Sponge

Featured Product Charcoal-Infused Sponge
Charcoal-Infused Sponge Upper Canada Soap Shop Now

Pure charcoal is all the rage in wellness for its ability to detoxify the body when taken as a supplement, and as a detoxing beauty treatment, the Danielle Bathtopia Charcoal-Infused Sponge amplifies a shower with charcoal power.

6. Danielle Bathtopia Charcoal-Infused Polishing Cloth

Featured Product Danielle Charcoal-Infused Polishing Cloth
Danielle Charcoal-Infused Polishing Cloth Upper Canada Soap Shop Now

For deeper exfoliation and pre-shaving skin preparation with charcoal, Danielle Bathtopia Charcoal Infused Polishing Cloth is ideal to add to that gift bag!

7. Emjoi eMagine 4 Men Epilator

Featured Product eMagine 4 Men
eMagine 4 Men Emjoi Shop Now

Emjoi eMagine 4 Men Epilator for men is the first and premiere men’s epilator. 72 tweezers remove hair from the chest and back for up to six weeks.

8. Philips OneBlade

Featured Product OneBlade
OneBlade Philips Shop Now

The innovative Philips OneBlade trims, edges and shaves all with a single, replaceable blade.

9. Panasonic Arc 3-Blade Electric Shaver

Featured Product Arc 3-Blade Electric Shaver
Arc 3-Blade Electric Shaver Panasonic Shop Now

If he likes an electric shaver, he’ll love the Panasonic Arc 3-Blade Electric Shaver. This award-winning shaving system has precision blade, a hyper-performance dual motor and a pivoting head to hug the skin and shave smoothly.

10. Conair The Chopper 2-in-1 Custom Styler for Men

Featured Product The Chopper 2-in-1 Styler for Men
The Chopper 2-in-1 Styler for Men Conair Shop Now

The Chopper Custom Styler for Men is the “everything “ gift for men who do their own haircuts, beard trimming and detailing. There’s even a barber cape included!

11. Breo Scalp Massager

Featured Product iScalp Scalp Massager
iScalp Scalp Massager Breo Shop Now

Deeply relaxing and hair-follicle stimulating scalp massages are luxurious, and Breo scalp massager makes them available as a daily treat. Hint: grab a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and create the ultimate natural hair-enriching scalp treatment gift bag!

12. Herbal Concepts Back Wrap

Featured Product The Back Wrap
The Back Wrap Herbal Concepts Shop Now

A nightly restorative treat that penetrates the senses, Herbal Concepts back wrap heats in a microwave and drapes over the back to soothe muscles and release tension. 12 healing herbs and natural grains create a de-stressing moment that’s unforgettable.

13. Pursonic NC2 Battery Operated Nail Filer

Featured Product Electric Nail Filer & Callus Remover
Electric Nail Filer & Callus Remover Pursonic Shop Now

Nightly pedicures are a treat for all of us and Pursonic NC2 Battery Operated Nail Filer and callus remover smoothes feet and toes beautifully.

14. Upper Canada Men’s Moisture Gel Socks

Featured Product Men's Moisture Gel Socks
Men's Moisture Gel Socks Upper Canada Soap Shop Now

Finish a home-pedicure gift with a luscious foot balm and Upper Canada Men’s Moisture Gel Socks. These socks actually moisturize and soothe tired feet with vitamin-rich gel moisturizer to a spa-level of softness!


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