10 Ways to Take Your Garlic Addiction to a New Level

Garlic is a standby in many kitchens for adding base flavor
to just about everything. But if you are anything like me, it’s also borderline
obsessive. Let’s take that obsession to a whole new level!

I don’t know about you, but I can eat my weight in roasted garlic. Spread it on bread, crack a bottle of wine and find a block of good cheese and I’m in heaven.

But there is truly so much more to this amazing ingredient and I set out to find out all the things we can do with it in one very smelly week.

1. Attend a garlic festival

Yes, it’s totally a thing. From garlic ice cream to huge platters of roasted garlic you can fall in love with this flavor all over again.

View a list of garlic festivals here!

2. Get a Garlic Keeper

A garlic keeper is a fantastic way to keep your garlic in its optimal state. The holes on the bottom of the keeper help it maintain the proper humidity and keep it visible on your countertop without allowing the light to degrade the garlic’s quality.

3. Say Goodbye to Your Old Garlic Press

WOW! Not only can you put unpeeled cloves of garlic into this press but it scrapes the garlic off the edge (total pet peeve of mine) and easily pops the pesky thin paper right out. It also cleans up more easily with no leftover garlic left in the holes. I’m buying these for everyone I know.

4. Roll It.

Fresh garlic is better… we all know that, but I have to admit
I get annoyed with the little thin papers. This tool helps you get those off in
a cinch without getting your hands all smelly. Just pop the cloves in. Roll it
on the table and voila! The cloves pop out and the papers mostly cling to the
tool. A quick wash releases them and you are on your way.

5. Slice It Paper Thin

When I first got this cutter I couldn’t really come up with many reasons why I would use it, why not just slice it up with a knife? But the more I played with it the more I fell in love. Super even and thin slices of garlic are so much faster with this and it’s a delivery method that I rarely take the time to do with a knife. Top your pizza with these perfect slivers, cook them into your tomato sauce or add them to your morning omelettes. They cook down and melt a little to a flavor that’s similar to roasted garlic with the added benefit of hitting pops of pure garlic as you eat. Yum.

6. Grate it

Grating garlic is a tricky thing. It releases a significantly more flavor from the garlic but also more of the garlic’s burn and pungent aroma. Using a grater like this one is the perfect way to add garlic to homemade mayonnaise or anything else where you want the garlic flavor to stand up and kick you in the face. Resist the temptation to grate it and then saute it, though, as it often turns bitter. Use it instead to add intense flavor to an already simmering sauce or mix it into butter for a delicious spread.

7. Roast It.

Be still my heart. Roasting garlic is pretty straightforward, of course, but this gorgeous little piece makes it easy to become a daily addiction. Pretty enough to serve and it comes with this little silicone squeezer that lets you pop the cloves out while it’s still too hot to touch. And it is perfect for tucking into your grill while it’s preheating for a pre-dinner snack.

How to roast garlic: Cut off tops and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Roast at 400 degrees for 45-60 minutes until soft and tender.

8. Scrub It.

You guys. I have no idea how this works but it really does
work. Stainless steel neutralizes strong smells and this little guy is so much
handier than trying to find something in your kitchen.

9. Eat It.

The best tip ever, right? But truly, here are some delicious
ways to get this immune system boosting, addicting vegetable into your life a
little more this week.

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Roast some garlic and lay out a gorgeous cheese board for an easy dinner.

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Simmer garlic in this warm comforting Indian dish.

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Get yourself a tagine and try out all the amazing garlic-infused dishes the Moroccan culture has to offer!

10. Bonus Tip: Get Rid of That Garlic Breath

Are your loved ones not as obsessed as you are about garlic? Current best advice for curbing the stench? Grab a fresh raw apple, or sip a glass of milk while you eat. You can also try adding in some lemon juice to whatever you are making to help curb the lingering effects. And if all else fails mint gum and mint tea are a handy trick to keep up your sleeve!