Spring Clean Your Closet With These Quick Tips

It’s officially spring! Before we head outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather, many of us are spring cleaning. Head over to your closet to start your cleaning journey. This might take you a whole weekend or you can whip through the process in a day!

Hang It Up

The first thing I like to do when cleaning my closets is to decide what clothing stays and what clothing goes. It feels so good to finally let go of that dress you haven’t worn in years! Next, I organize and hang up everything that made the cut.

Upgrading your hangers to wooden hangers, like these from Honey Can Do, will help to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. They also work great at keeping your pants in place with its no-slip vinyl-coated pants bar.

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Box Things Up

Now that the clothes are hung up, I like to use boxes to tidy up the shelves. Bigso has boxes for many different storage solutions. I’m loving the Wilma nesting boxes for my hats! The scalloped lids add an elegant decorative touch!

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The Ludvig storage boxes are perfect for purses and anything else you need to hide in plain sight.

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Add Some Luxury

The last thing I want to tackle is my accessories. WOLF’s Vault Tray System will finally get all of your jewelry and sunglasses in order. There are several different tray inserts you can add and stack as your accessory collection grows.

I am especially fond of the Sunglass Insert which fits neatly into the Vault Tray and holds up to five sunglasses. The most impressive feature is that the Vault Tray System includes an anti-tarnish fabric lining that will absorb gases known to cause tarnishing. It feels good to not only keep my accessories organized but to also protect my investments!

Your closet is going to look spring fresh and you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in no time!