How to Cook Fish 3 Ways: Sautéed, Salt Block and Grilled

Whenever I do cooking demos I always do my best to cook fish because it can be so intimidating for people at home to prepare.

Most folks dab a little butter on it and throw it in the oven or under the broiler and forget about it for 30 minutes. Let me be the first to say, THAT THIS IS NOT THE BEST WAY!!

Rather you want to caramelize the fish releasing all of the natural sugars that are inside rendering exceptional flavor. You should really do this with everything you cook, whether it be fish, or beef or vegetables, it’s all about the caramelization.

I don’t really have a preference of the 3 ways to cook fish, but I would say on the salt block is the coolest. However, with that being said I would recommend mastering the art of sautéing first before moving on because it’s such a basic cooking skill.

After you flip each of the fish all of them will take 3-4 minutes longer to cook. Remember for grilling, or putting the fish on a salt block, to ensure your grill is very hot, in between 450° and 550°.

In any event, all of these ways work the best and I hope you find the video to be easy to follow and instructional so you can get to cooking fish with confidence! And just because you will ask, these techniques apply to ALL seafood!!