Hot New Products from IH+HS 2018 on Chicago’s WMAQ

Take a look at some of the hot new trends and products from the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show with Sissy Biggers.

Healthy Eating

Hamilton Beach Pasta Maker

The new Hamilton Beach Electric Pasta Maker automatically kneads, cuts and delivers one pound of fresh pasta in just 18 minutes. No need to make, roll or cut your dough; simply add your ingredients and let the pasta maker do the work.

3-in-1 Gourmia Breakfast in Bed Maker

Mornings are for lazy lounging—not kitchen messes. This 3-in-1 device3-in-1 device integrates toasting, steaming and egg frying to create gourmet breakfasts at home. Adjustable toast controls, defrost settings, easy-clean attachments and ample egg room make breakfast a no-brainer!

Toastilla by DI Works LLC

An easy and safe way to toast your tortillas!

Farberware Rice and Slicer

Healthy and more economical than buying prepared riced vegetables. This is a quick and easy way to prepare healthy cauliflower rice, plus it quickly rices other vegetables including broccoli, squash, potatoes and carrots
ready for sauteing, steaming, roasting, baking and mashing!

Zyliss 2-in-1 Pepper Corer

This tool quickly and easily cores and de-seeds both bell peppers and jalapeños.

Smart Home – All Things Connected

Vacuvita One-Touch Vacuum Storage System

Enjoy food up to 5X longer with this practical, stylish and tech-savvy electronic food storage system that offers countertop convenience with less waste and more savings.

Cauldryn Fyre Water Bottle

A rechargeable battery operated modular bottle that can boil water, blend juices, grind coffee beans AND charge your phone.

Chefman Color Changing Stainless Kettle

Mornings just got a whole lot more colorful! Proprietary technology that changes the color of the kettle’s exterior as it approached boiling provides users with a warning that the kettle is hot for safety purposes and gives a guide on where in the boiling process the kettle is for those who don’t want to wait for full boil.

Boxlock Home

This smart padlock is specifically designed for most one family home and small businesses. It protects deliveries from porch pirates and package thieves. Amazon, UPS, etc. can access and put packages inside large boxes.

Millennial Color Trends

Joseph Joseph Nesting Colander Set

Joseph Joseph Tilt Bowl

Sabatier Copper & Rose Gold Utensils

Multi-Functional Products

Cuisinart Griddler FIVE

This brand new, redesigned version of the popular Griddler has everything you love about previous incarnations of the Griddler, and so much more! 5-in-1 cooking options that include:

  • Contact Grill
  • Panini Press
  • Full Grill or Griddle
  • Half Griddle/Half Grill
  • Brand-new Sear Function