All the Products You Need to Host a Night In

Staying in is the NEW going out. Now that food and entertainment are available at one’s fingertips through Blue Apron & Netflix, you can give in to the urge to be comfortable, well-fed and entertained without ever leaving home.

Recharge your batteries and beat the credit card crunch without cutting back on fun or romance. Invite friends over, make a nice meal and have a real conversation surrounded by affordable luxury items such as cocktail machines, spa-like candles and beautiful decorative accessories… rather than go to a restaurant or the movies.

1. Bibo Barmaid

Let Bibo do the bartending for you! This makes a great cocktail in less than 20 seconds! Just choose your favorite drink from our line of bar-inspired mixers and let the Bibo Barmaid mix it to perfection for you. Add your own alcohol and ice, then stir, garnish and sip, Cheers!

2. Pilgrim Collection Aromatherapy Diffuser

Add a spa like scent and escape the busy week with a room diffuser this one is called the Pilgrim, it lights up and smells wonderful.

3. Hamilton Beach Temp Tracker Slow Cooker

It’s the only slow cooker that you can set the temperature and it holds it for up to 24 hours. From sous vide to fondue and poaching to simmering a sauce for a party. You can also cook your roast to the exact temperature. It also holds a really low temp, which is great for fondue. Available in April.

4. Nespresso Coffee Maker

End your evening with the perfect cappuccino or latte macchiatos from your home. The new innovative fresh milk system takes simplicity to the next level.