Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

How many times have you been reminded that you need to drink more water?

Eight Glasses a Day!

The truth is, how much water we need varies from person to person depending on diet and lifestyle. The most common reason I hear for not consuming enough water is that it gets boring! That’s why I love recommending sparkling water and fruit infused water to help increase water consumption without added calories or chemicals.

Why We Need It

The human body is made up of about 60% water. Digestion, nutrient absorption, blood circulation, and body temperature are all vital functions that need water to happen. Our bodies lose water constantly, from evaporation, breathing and going the bathroom. Drinking water helps us feel full and it’s a known fact that people often think that are hungry when really they are thirsty! Next time you are craving an afternoon treat, try reaching for 16-ounces of cold water instead.

In addition to helping us feel full and energized, water helps our kidneys filter out toxins and maintain our skin’s natural glow. My personal favorite benefit of drinking water is its role in maintaining regular bowel functions. When you do not drink enough water, your body will pull water from your stool to maintain proper hydration, and this can lead to constipation.

Why Filter

The vast majority of the tap water in first world countries is safe to drink in that it will not make you immediately sick. However, tap water still can contain undesirables such as: chlorine, trihalomethanes, various hormones, pesticides and in larger cities, even some prescription drugs. Rural area drinking water is often exposed to poorly regulated industrial activities which can contaminate that pure drinking water. This is not to say that all tap water is unclean or will give you long term negative health effects, but I always suggest taking the most proactive and conservative approach when it comes to your health, and for that reason I recommend filtered water!

Filter It

There are many home water filters available today such as: under-counter, counter top and pitchers with built in filters. The best choice is the one that you will actually use.


If you are new to filtering your water or you know that your local tap water is relatively clean, a Brita filter is an excellent first step. Brita filters are very popular and can easily be found at local home stores for a reasonable price.

Hybrid from WaterLogic

For those a little more serious about cleaning their tap water, look into something like a ultraviolet-microbiological-water-treatment-system. Say that four times fast! I love The Hybrid from WaterLogic which uses their patented Firewall protection system. This filter is great because it does not need to be tapped into a water line and fits neatly on the countertop.

Make It More

Ok, so we now know why we should filter our water and why we should drink more of that filtered water. However, this does not solve the problem that plain water can be boring. My favorite tip for drinking more water is to choose sparkling and fruit infused water! Simply add some washed and clean whole or chopped fruit and herbs to your water; let it sit in the fridge. After the water has infused with the fruit and herbs, add some bubbles (try the SodaStream Source!) and you have transformed your boring water into a delicious afternoon refresher. That’s it! By doing this, you add natural flavor and nutrition from the fruits and herbs without adding any extra sugar. Easy, simple & delicious!

Strawberry Mint Infused Water

Servings 1


  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 6 medium ripe strawberries
  • 6 medium mint leaves


  1. Remove the tops of the strawberries
  2. Thoroughly wash or rinse the strawberries and mint
  3. Filter 32 ounces of tap water into the SodaStream Bottle (to the fill line)
  4. Add bubbles to water using the SodaStream
  5. Pour your carbonated water into a mason jar with the strawberries and mint
  6. Cover and place the mason jar with strawberries and mint in the fridge for 30-90 minutes (the longer the more flavourful)
  7. Once the water is infused, Enjoy!
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