9 Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Home

Your home is a mirror of your life. That’s a fundamental principle in the ancient art of feng shui.

Many of us strive for greater wellness, yet it’s not all that common to realize that your environment plays a huge part in that wellness. When your home is clear of toxins and full of tools that support your wellbeing, it’s very natural and intuitive to stick to your diet plans, feel more energized and live with more clear-minded inspiration!

Let’s get started with some small switches that have a big environmental impact:

1. Take your shoes off.

Detoxing your home of common chemicals and pollutants will go a long way in supporting all your overall vibrant health, and taking your shoes off before you enter your house can eliminate a ton of chemicals, allergens, dirt, pesticides and even lead from your life. A shoe rack in a closet or a shoe cabinet is a brilliant way to start a home-detoxifying habit!

2. Clear your clutter.

Did you know that household clutter can contribute to increased stress and cortisol, weight gain, depression, anxiety and can even impact the immune system? Every day, tackle a bit of your clutter and clear it away and you’ll be building a home where abundant fresh energy can flow freely!

3. Really purify your water.

Even in our most modern cities, the infrastructure of our plumbing from water supplies is aging, and chemicals and leaks can seep into our tap water. It’s vital to filter and purify our drinking water, even for cooking and always for pets. The Aquasana Clean Water Machine is my latest discovery to make super-purified water easy. 10 times more metal, lead, chlorine and pharmaceutical residues are removed than with a basic filter machine. You simply fill a pitcher, snap it on its base, plug in the machine then press a button for instantly clean water!

4. Add life to your water!

Our bodies are meant to absorb and assimilate “living” water that is full of energy, like the pure water running in streams. One suggestion I learned from Anthony William, Medical Medium is to put some lemon or lime in your water to bring more “life” to it. For a next-level experience of hydration, the purifying and energizing power of Tribest Life Water Revitalizer is my favorite daily indulgence. I pour in water from my Aquasana machine and turn it on to spin, infusing the water with alkaline minerals from its internal mineral basket.

5. Cook in Clay.

Slow cookers are a fantastic way to make more healing soups, broths, stews and nutritionally-rich dishes, but a clay pot slow cooker (yes, it’s a clay pot inside the cooker!) takes slow-cooking to great heights! The VitaClay slow cooker is a boost of eco-friendly nutritional and culinary genius to your kitchen. Not only is the clay pot non-toxic, it increases the bioavailability of the nutrients of food you cook in it! Bone broths and detox soups are my favorite ways to experience VitaClay clay pot cooking.

6. Go Green with your cookware.

Non-stick pans are useful and convenient and I really like the new crop of eco-friendly ones such as Bialetti Terra Cotta pans. They offer great performance, durability and are so easy to clean.

7. Add some powerful green juice.

Wheatgrass juice is a detoxifying, healing nutritional-powerhouse of a juice that can purify blood, increase your vitality and flood your body with energy. It’s also something we need to drink right after it’s juiced, so it’s best to grow a tray of grass and get a simple wheatgrass juicer! Weston Stainless Steel Wheatgrass Juicer is a simple way to get your daily shot of wheatgrass, mounted easily on your kitchen counter.

8. Steam things clean & fresh.

Not only can you “iron” your clothes with a steam cleaner quite brilliantly, the super-hot steam with help remove odors, allergens and germs looming in your fabrics like curtains and throw pillows that are difficult to clean. Salav’s Garment Steamer with Woven Hose fills with distilled water and gives you 50 minutes of steam-cleaning power per tank, enough to get your drapes sparkling and your dresses and jackets freshly pressed!

9. Add more fruit and veggies.

Filling your home with fresh fruit and veggies that you love is a great way to amplify the glow of your whole lifestyle. If you have trouble figuring out how to snack on them, a food dehydrator can be a revolution. A big one — like the Weston 80 Liter Dehydrator — can help you make volumes of long-lasting veggie and fruit chips, fresh fruit rollups and even crackers that are full of enzymes and nutrients and free of preservatives.

A healthier home is the mirror of a more vital and thriving life, so embrace whatever switches you can make- you can start with one new saucepan or some green juice — and let the momentum grow. Simple switches can revitalize your environment and usher in so much more freshness and flowing energy!