5 Knife Cuts Every Home Cook Should Know

When it comes to all things culinary, I pride myself on 2 things: plating food and knife cuts. I spent hours in culinary school perfecting the brunoise and the julienne to get them to the perfect sizes. Now it’s all about uniformity and less about the perfect size. As long as my knife cuts all look the same, I’m a happy camper.


The julienne cut is extremely common and now is even easier with the Zyliss julienne peeler. All you do is peel and boom: perfect julienne vegetables.

Small Dice

Probably the most important is the small dice. This can be done on just about any vegetable but seems to be most common with onions. Onions always seem to stump people when dicing but just remember after it is peeled and cut in half to slice in, then down, then against and you will be good.


“Chiffonade” is a fancy term for slicing or julienning leafy green vegetables or herbs such as basil. Simply pull the leaves away from the stem, stack it up, roll it up and slice.


Using a mandolin can be tricky, but thanks to De Buyer and the vegetable guard that’s provided, all your fears can subside. It comes with a ton of different slicing option tools that swap right out.


I used to spend hours tourneing potatoes until my thumbs were numb. The easiest way to put it is to carve a potato in a peeling fashion using a tourne knife until it has 7 sides and it resembles the shape of a football. This one will require some practice, but once you’ve got it you will be able to impress even the highest of French chefs!

Lastly, sharpening your knife has never been easier thanks to a Chef’s Choice knife sharpener. It has 3 different settings with which your run your knife through to sharpen it. Easy as pie!