14 Gifts for the Frequent Flyer

If you have friends and family that travel often, especially on frequent flights, you’ll find them reaching for tips and looking for ways to make the experience more seamless, streamlined and comfortable.

First I’ll share with you a secret that I hope you find useful and can pass along: I never eat on a flight, and I never experience jet lag or fatigue. I eat before a flight, and I pack things to eat as soon as I land (we’ll get to the packing soon enough), and it’s fairly seamless to hop through multiple time zones with ease.

Coupled with very frequent stretching and as drinking as much water as possible (immune boosting + a big beauty boost!) you’ve got a basic framework for easier flights with more wellness and joy involved.

Now, let’s get to the fun — the perfect gifts for the frequent flyer!

  • Classic Assorted Soft Cover Notebooks By Poppin Shop Now

A rainbow is always a great thing, and Poppin Set of Mini Notebooks are so useful to jot down notes, doodle and stash trip details and memories. I’m never without one in my purse to capture ideas as I move through the day, especially when I’m traveling.

  • Travel Pillow & Tablet Stand By Bosign Shop Now

Bosign’s travel pillow is a sleek, modern must-have. Filled with microbeads that contour to your neck and head to provide comfortable—yet sturdy support for plane naps, the pillow doubles as a “tablet holder” that rests on your lap. Now you’ll catch up on emails in-flight with greater ease.

Relaxus Eye Shades are an adorable, statement-making sleep wonder to relax and sleep deeper anywhere you go. Once you put on eyeshades, your body experiences the complete darkness that signals the production of sleep-inducing melatonin.

  • Plush Travel Blanket By Lewis N. Clark Shop Now

Your own travel blanket insures the plushest – and cleanest and most personal – cuddling-soft cover as you fly. Lewis N Clark Travel Blanket is a travel gift that will go the distance.

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager is the jet-setters ultra-gift that can fold up into a coat pocket and unfold into a pressure, vibration, point-massage, heat-compression wonder to soothe headaches and relax the muscles around your eyes.

  • Aromatherapy Travel Roll On Kit By Relaxus Shop Now

Relaxus’ aromatherapy travel roll on kit is a must for calming every emotional travel woe…naturally. The 100% pure blends of high quality essential oil mixed with almond oil in roll-on bottles can be easily applied in flight. The four blends – Jet Lag Difference, Anxiety Tonic, Muscle Maintenance & Fatigue Fighter – will be a welcome addition to every carry-on bag!

Have I mentioned how important it is to travel with water? Brita Travel water bottle is a clever, take-along filtering bottle. I actually drink up one bottles’ worth of water on the way to the airport and then, near my gate, I refill at a restaurant where I grab a snack. Totally eco-friendly and efficient, you’ll have filtered water by your side all the time!

Cool Gear Travel Mugs are brilliant in lieu of foam and paper cups on planes that are small and not eco-friendly. These super-stylish mugs can be filled up before boarding (or in-flight) and re-used so you’ll never travel again without tea, a tonic or a latte to sip!

  • Montana Traveler Bag By Danielle Creations Shop Now

A sturdy DOP Kit bag for toiletry essentials makes all the difference in staying organized on the fly. Danielle Creations Montana Traveler Bag is built to be durable, it’s vegan and I recommend gifting two of them to everyone! One: for the fun beauty products and lotions and shampoos. One: for shaving, toothbrush and floss and other beauty tools. Add to the bags some joyful travel beauty products.

  • You Are Amazing Manicure Set By Brownlow Gifts Shop Now

Brownlow’s What Makes You Happy Nail Care Set is a smiley addition to your bag, ever-useful in travel manicure emergencies (and they do crop up often!)

  • Portable Sonic Toothbrush By Sonicket Shop Now

The Sonicket On the Go Toothbrush takes your dental routine to the air, with it’s sleek, compact construction and super-speed and efficiency in polishing teeth!

  • 3-Piece Modern Suitcase Set By Sttelli Shop Now

With fully-telescopic spinning wheels and lightweight construction, Sttelli Luggage is a stellar gift to upgrade a loved-ones travel bags.

Here’s a gift you can gather together for the frequent flyer who likes to curate their snacks and food: Avocado Hip Pod is the most useful bag to carry airport-foraged snacks.

  • Splash Box Lunch Kit By Eco Lunchbox Shop Now

EcoLunchbox’s Splash Box Kit can be your travel best-friend. Featuring a bento box and a reusable lunch sack to load at home with goodies to eat before and after your flight, you’ll feel far more grounded and prepared if you don’t have to find food upon landing at your destination!