Kids Activity: Edible Jewelry

1 serving

  • Kitchen Twine or waxed string
  • Large looped cereal – we found the Kellogg’s brand Jumbo Snax and it worked great!
  • A silicone placemat
  • Small bowls
  1. Set out a silicone mat for each participating child (and adult!). This will be their work space, and will keep any rogue cereal from rolling off the table.
  2. Place a small paper bowl with each different cereal variety at every station. We found 6 different cereals to play with, but if you just wanted say, Froot Loops, I recommend having the kids help sort the colors individually into each bowl.
  3. Place either extra-long pre-cut strings, or an individual spool at each station for the kids. Depending on age, offer direction by making a few examples of different patterns or number of pieces on each.
  4. Let them play! Offer words of encouragement and affirmation and have fun munching, counting, styling and playing. Tie them off in a big bow and enjoy!