French Lemonade Wine Spritzer

French Lemonade Wine Spritzer
  • 3 parts white wine
  • 1 part sparkling lemonade

This really is an easy drink to make, which besides being freshy-fresh, is another reason to make it.

Ready for the ease? You don’t even need to write this down…To make this refreshing spritzer stir together 3 parts of an aromatic white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc, to one part sparkling lemonade.

Sparkling Lemonade can be accomplished in two ways. 3 parts lemonade to 1 part club soda or… you can just buy a pre-made French sparkling lemonade from World Market or Trader Joe’s. I prefer to keep it simple and go with the pre-made because we have enough to do and the premade is delicious! Whichever way you go, mix it all together in the Rabbit Wine Cooler to serve. The centerpiece of the cooler keeps the wine spritzer at the perfect temperature.