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IHA Global Innovation Award Winners for Product Design

The IHA Global Innovation Award Winners for Product Design on WLS Chicago.

Chefman Perfect Pour Volcano Waffle Maker

Problem solved: Batter flows through specially designed tapered plates to create perfectly even Belgian waffles with you dripping, leaving your countertop as clean as your plate will be. Innovation begins with pouring funnel (that stores in base of waffle maker), which ensures batter spreads evenly through the plates. The nonstick plates are a breeze to clean, and the waffle maker stores upright. Takes about 3 minutes from start to finish. ($31.99; Available in May)

Revers-A-Brella by Mark Feldstein & Co.

With our one-of-a-kind inverted 2-Layer NO DRIP Umbrella, you will never get wet again! Our Umbrella has an inverted design that enables you to close it upward – trapping residual raindrops inside its double-layer water repellant canopy made from durable pongee cloth. Unlike a standard umbrella, our unique construction enables one to open or close it through a slightly ajar car door or doorway, providing extra protection from precipitation when exiting or entering a vehicle or building. When folded, our NO DRIP Umbrella forms a waterproof cone that ensures that the remaining water stays inside, preventing potential floor puddles. Has passed testing for wind speeds up to 24 mph. A single button unlocks the umbrella for easy manual opening and closing. ($24.95; Available now.)

Duromatic Micro Microwave Pressure Cooker

Photo: Duromatic

One of the fastest, most energy-efficient and cost-effective cooking methods in the world. Combines pressure cooking and microwaving to outperform conventional cooking methods. Preserves more vitamins, minerals, taste and texture of food. Red pressure indicator tells you whether the pan is still under pressure so you can open the lid. A membrane in the lid regulates pressure inside the pan, ensuring it remains constant. Silicone sealing ring for efficient pressure build-up. Fold-out handles on each side can be folded back down for storage. Includes recipe booklet with 30 meal ideas. ($60; Available now.)

Joseph Joseph Helix Citrus Juicer

Joseph Joseph Helix Zitronenpresse Nutzung 2
Photo: Connox

Engineered with an exclusive twisting mechanism that multiplies force and makes it easier to squeeze lemons or limes. Uses torque instead of pressure. Easy-clean, 2 piece-design; durable stainless steel and nylon construction. ($19.99; Available in May.)

Polder 2-in-1 Hot Sleeve™

Screen Shot 2017 03 21 At 8 44 16 Am
Photo: Polder

An innovative heat resistant styling mat and storage unit in one compact design that takes the danger and worry out of using hot styling tools. The high-heat silicone sleeve is made to withstand temperatures up to 500° F. Its dual function design hinges open to provide a resting place for hot tools in between setting styles and snaps closed for quick storage and transport. During use, simply place the hot tool onto the opened mat and rest assured the counter top will be shielded from scorching, burning, and protected by the heat-resistant silicone sleeve. When finished styling hair, just snap the unit closed, slide the hot tool inside the sleeve, and know the hot iron will be cooling down in a safe holder that won’t burn or melt. The heat-resistant silicone sleeve allows you to immediately put the hot iron away. ($12.99 av ailable in April/May.)

Anova Culinary Nano Precision Cooker with Bluetooth

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Photo: Amazon

App-connected sous vide device. The Nano features a lightweight design built for portability and easy storage. The Nano clamps on to a vessel to heat and circulate the water while measuring and maintaining temperature. Bluetooth enabled, allowing users to strat cooking from the Annova app with its library of 1,000 sous vide recipes and a Time and Temp guide. Pricepoint of $99 makes the product approachable for a sous vide beginner. With sous vide, all nutrients are preserve and results are consistent; it’s almost impossible to overcook food. ($99; Available now.)

Kohler Touchless Soap Dispenser

Kohler Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser Ss
Photo: Crate & Barrel

Works with foaming soap or liquid soap. Light on front is on for 20 seconds – the amount of time one needs to lather hands to get rid of germs. You can also see amount of soap left. Battery operated, anti-drip spout. ($49.99 stainless; $44.99 white; Available now.)

Gourmet Kitchen Works GEFU Sprouting Jar Bivita

Germogliatore Banner
Photo: Coltelleria Collini

Make your own healthy, delicious sprouts with seeds and a little water. Fill with water, put seeds in, and let rest for 6-8 hours. Then rinse and pour out the water; do this daily. Air vents at bottom prevent mold from forming. Seeds sprout in four to five days. Several types of sprouts and seed packs available. Glass dome provides the best lighting condition while the integrated strainer and base allow water to drain for best results. (Jar is $27.95; available now.)

Magisso North America Pino Wine Glass

Img 6876 620X470
Photo: Magisso

Fully stackable to make storing and service more efficient. Each piece is balanced for extra stability and better user experience. The Magisso Pino Glassware is mouth blown by a classic Finnish glass maker Muurla with decades of experience and expertise. The Magisso Pino Glassware is made of lead-free crystalline for maximum clarity and durability. The short stem design lowers the center of gravity and makes the glass more stable. This decreases breakage and makes serving faster. The short stem design leaves more room in the dishwasher. Plus, the extra glass weight, further improves stability. It also works as insulator so hands won’t warm the wine in the glass. Stackable wine glasses are easy to load in dishwasher. ($60 for set of two; available in mid-April.)


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