10 Gifts Every Bath Lover Needs
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10 Gifts Every Bath Lover Needs

Baths have been scientifically proven to be mood boosting, tension-melting and a perfect way to set yourself off to deeper sleep at night. It’s no wonder why some of us are so deeply committed to their tub time! These gifts will add even more lusciousness and beauty to a bathing ritual, and, for bath lovers, this is nirvana! 

1. Danica Studio Agean Towels

Dss15 Style Aegean Towels

Plush bath mats and a stack of fluffy towels instantly make a bathroom feel more like a spa. Textures are so vital, and even just seeing soft textures helps calm and soften emotions. Feeling their softness is the next level in self-loving bliss. Danica Studio Agean Towels are deliciously fluffy and bright.

2. Danica Studio Bumpy Bath Mat

Danica Studio Bath Mat

Danica Studio's bath mats are splendid rugs to adorn the bathtub. These special touches in a bathroom elevate the entire bathing ritual so simply.

3. April Cornell Tea Rose Terry Robe 

April Cornell Tea Rose Terry Robe

April Cornell robes bring in the botanical bliss. The flower-filled robes create a dreamy feeling of nature at home.

4. Urban Spa Natural Bristle Body Brush

Urban Spa Body Brush

Urban Spa Natural Bristle Body Brush is the ultimate wellness companion for the bathtub. Dry Brushing is a boost to the smoothest skin and the body’s ability to detoxify. Using a natural bristle brush to exfoliate the entire body in long strokes from neck to toes before stepping into the tub revs up circulation and makes those Sea Salt or Epsom Salt baths even more purifying!  

5. Upper Canada Soap Gardener's Lavender Bar

Upper Canada Soap Gardeners Lavender Soap

For a gentle buffing experience without a brush, Gardeners Lavender Bar filled with bits of loofah sponge can be awesomely relaxing aromatherapy. 

6. Upper Canada Exfoliating Shower Gloves

Upper Canada Soap Exfoliating Shower Gloves

If you know someone who loves a deep, spa-style body scrub, Upper Canada Exfoliating Shower Gloves are a punch-colored dream to exfoliate in the bathtub.  

7. Nesti Dante Fig and Almond Milk Soap

Upper Canada Soap Nesti Dante Almond Milk

Those shower gloves pair beautifully Nesti Dante Fig and Almond Milk Soap is a milky soap bar that’s bursting with sensory goodness and moisture. Beautiful soaps are a wonderful anytime gift that brings long-lasting pleasure to bath time!

8. Pretika Soft Spa Massage Bath Pillow

Pretika Soft Spa Massage Bath Pillow

If you are tempted to give the gift of a massage gift certificate… add in this incredibly ingenious massaging bath pillow to create the ultimate relaxation gift! Pretika Soft Spa Massage Bath Pillow is a waterproof must for every bathtub, stimulating circulation and unwinding any stuck tension… all in the bathtub!

9. Pretika Hand & Foot Micro-Power Buffer

Pretika Micro Power Buffer

Right after leaving the bath is a perfect time to smooth well-soaked toes and hands. The Pretika Hand & Foot Micro-Power Buffer will buff skin to baby-softness!

10. Pre de Provence’s The Queen’s Honey Collection 

European Soaps Pre De Provence The Queens Honey Collection

Every bathing beauty should have a collection of deeply moisturizing goodies to choose, and these decadent body butters, shea soaps and sweet scrubs from Pre de Provence’s The Queen’s Honey Collection are perfectly covetable treats! 


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